Thursday, 1 December 2016

Having the Birds and Bees's way to soon!!

As the kids get older we find problems change and our babies are no longer so dependent on us. They venture into the world of school and suddenly are being influenced by many more people than just ourselves, they develop their own minds and opinions and a natural curiosity for everything. 
This curiosity leads us down conversation paths we may not be ready to go down or want to go down. I always thought i would want to be as honest as possible when the 'big' questions come up, however i am totally unprepared for what i will say!!

The eldest is 7 and nowhere near ready for 'the' chat just yet in my opinion, however as mentioned influences come from many sources nowadays not just us parents, so inevitably we are getting questions. I have always been able to explain the 'how do babies come out?' quite easily as ended up having two c sections so quite truthfully explain the doctor cut open mummy's tummy and baby came out that way...simple!!! But now we are moving onto the birds and the bees!!

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Recently i overheard him telling his younger sister how people have sex!!!!! My head spun so fast i had whiplash!!! How the hell has he learned that kind of information, obviously i know the school would not be doing any kind of sex education at this age and would need parental consent even if did, So i am guessing it came from a school friend, which i find really worrying as really 7 year olds do not need to know this!!! What do i do? How do i handle this situation? He is still so young and way to immature to process such information. 

Before i could respond he completely changed the subject and continued talking about the episode of Cailou they were watching and discussing previous to this, it was as though he had never uttered a word, at this point i truly did question if i had really heard it or not! Since then he has not said anymore and i have chosen to not mention it as hoping it was said because he was repeating something he had heard in school but didn't actually know what it meant (is that wishful thinking?), but i am constantly trying to work out what to say if he asks me, or if it is mentioned again as obviously at 7 he is too young so the youngest at 4 definitely does not need this kind of information!!

I just can not work out what i will say, i really do not feel he is old enough to understand or how i can explain so he does, and i do not want him to know!! It's not that long ago i was changing his nappies and watching him take his first steps, he is a child that shouldn't be exposed to this yet.

I think i need to research how to approach this if need be or respond age appropriately if it does get mentioned again, any suggestions? Arghhhh bring back my baby.