Monday, 6 March 2017

Online shopping

How often do you shop in major stores? For me with distance being a huge barrier I tend to stick to shopping online. To get to major high street stores and having two young children makes for a long tiring day which really makes the whole experience a nightmare.
The convenience of online shopping makes life so much easier. To be able to look at and compare products from different stores from the comfort of my sofa, bliss. As well as the bonus of being able to do it while sat in my pyjamas. 

The added bonus too is that are many online offers and voucher/ discount codes to be used by using sites like that search for store discount codes and list them for shoppers to try out, codes for clothing, electricals, homeware, holidays, days out, restaurants and even your weekly shopping. Why leave the comfort of your sofa again! Food shopping is my biggest shopping nightmare when it involves the children, in fact something i have given up doing as it is so stressful, why put myself through the torture when i can sit in peace and order online for home delivery
I have had some good discounts by using discount sites in the past especially around Christmas time when stores are competing for business. Being able to find codes all in one place is a time saver too, it saves searching individual stores for codes. 

Another bonus of online shopping for me is that I do tend to stick to what I want to buy where as in store I get distracted and attracted to other things which ends up an expensive trip!
Days out with the kids can be so expensive when there are entry fees, meals and additional costs once inside the attraction so it is a must to check out any deals beforehand as often there are discounts for booking online with more than 24 hrs notice, as well as offers food outlets within the attraction or close by, something i always check out now when in know we are going to be having a day out with the kids
I will admit however, when I can get a child free day to shop with friends or family it is a treat because I do not do it that often, but always come home with way more than I ever intended to buy, good job I get those savings using voucher codes the rest of the time!