Monday, 24 July 2017

Simple Steps To Child Proofing Your Home

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Keeping your home clean when you have small children can feel as though you are fighting a losing battle. No sooner have you mopped up the spilt milk from the carpet than they have thrown up all over the sofa.

As with everything in life, being a parent is a huge learning curve. Not only are we faced with the challenges of looking after a new baby, but we also find ourselves with huge lifestyle changes ourselves.

Being a mum is far more demanding than any full-time job. The days are long, the nights even longer and you are never off duty. Meal breaks are irregular, and there is no ‘out of the office’ status when it all gets too much.

That said, it is important that we make the most of any tips and advice on offer to make our lives easier, and what better place to start than at home.  Pre-children we enjoyed a pristine living space where everything was in its place, and minimal maintenance was required. Nowadays things are very different, leaving us feeling like we are playing a never ending game of catch up just to keep our homes in a reasonable state.

There are however a few simple home improvements which can help make our lives as parents easier.

Change the flooring

It is a good idea to replace carpets in your main living space with some kind of hard flooring. If you like the traditional feel, then go for a wood or laminate option. Both are easy to clean, and any spillages just wipe away. If you prefer a more modern and contemporary feel, have a look at tiles. Do some research and treat yourself to the Best Vacuum for Tile Floors to keep your home looking and feeling great.

If you miss your carpet, you could still get a rug to add some warmth and interest to the room. This will also double up as a soft and cosy play area for your little ones. Choose an inexpensive option so that if there is a spillage or accident, it won’t be the end of the world.

Replace the sofa

Before you became a parent, you may have been the proud owner of a luxurious cream suite, and the chances are that it is ruined already. These days fabric sofas are not the most practical and you will probably spend your life in a state of panic and anticipation of the next cup of spilt juice. Try replacing it with a leather option. They are hard wearing, extremely durable and can be easily wiped clean. If however, you choose to stay with a fabric sofa, then make sure it has been pre-treated with a stain repellent before it leaves the store!

Use stair gates

If there are some rooms or areas that you would prefer your little angels not to go then put up some strategically placed stair gates. They not only serve to keep them in but also do a great job of keeping them out.

With some of these practical improvements in place, you can probably afford to relax just a little bit ..until the next feed that is!

Puppy Surprise review

As a family that do not own pets due to allergies my daughter has the most amazing love for animals, she loves to visit our friends with pets and has a regular friend who stops outside each day to have a fuss from her and they have fast become the best of friends. Feeling just a little guilty we cannot have one of our own it was a perfect review opportunity for me when I was offered to review the Puppy Surprise toy.

How super cute are these? You get a fabulous plush puppy (Eliza, Lexi, Chloe or Stacey) with the added surprise of tiny puppies tucked up inside her pouch, the real surprise is you do not know how many puppies there are until you take a look, are there three, four or even five? These retail at £27.99 aimed at 3-6 year olds and come with a glittery collar and brushable hair and tail. An added bonus is you can also buy extra puppy packs which have their own surprise element!

My daughter was over the moon with her Puppy surprise she now had a puppy friend she can sleep with, eat with, watch TV with and even go out on bike rides with in her little basket on the bike. She absolutely loved the added surprise of finding four puppies tucked up inside the pouch, one of which even made real puppy sounds. The toy gave us the opportunity to look at how we look after babies and nurture them, as well as the element of looking at how we look after our pets by being able to groom the dog, educational as well as fun! I think this Puppy Surprise is going to be a new favourite for a long time to come.

For more information or to purchase your very own puppy surprise visit Flair plc or Smyths toys

Friday, 21 July 2017

 "Mess" This House! Keeping On Top Of An Untidy Household

As lovely as kids are they're not the cleanest of people, are they? They love to be involved in activities that make the most mess, and for someone who likes their house just so, it can be quite stressy when it looks like a bomb's gone off inside your child's toy chest. And it can be a steep learning curve if you've got children who don't like to sit and play quietly, but would rather get into everything, so are there any strategies you can put in place to keep your home as clean as possible while also keeping your sanity intact?


Get Up Before Your Children

It's not the nicest solution, especially if you've got children who barely sleep! But if you get up a couple of hours before they do, that means you've got a bit more time to clear away toys and get the house in a good state before the kids come and mess it up. While you may think that it's much better to sleep in, in fact getting up at the same time every day is better for your body clock than having random sleeping patterns. By having a routine in place, it can help a lot on the cleaning front and general household duties.

The Breakables Go Up High!

If you had a pristine house with antiques out on display before you had children, you'd better make sure that they are either locked away or in a place that toddlers can't reach. And while your antique clock may look like an intriguing plaything to the kids you'll only have yourself to blame if you end up getting your antique clock repaired after it was smashed into 15 different pieces! Luckily there are plenty of specialist clock makers around, but that's not the point really, is it?

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Put Toys Away Before Starting Something New

This can be a big habit that will save you a lot of mess because children love to take one toy out, then another, and another until you can't see what color your carpet is. If you spend time playing with your kids, then you can help to enforce the habit of putting something away before getting a new toy out. If your child says they are done with the toy, encourage them to put it away rather than just wander off in search of something new.

Be Flexible!

Unfortunately, this is the big thing you need to learn to cope with keeping on top of everything in a busy household with messy children or fussy babies. There will be days when your children need some extra attention, or you are just too tired to do anything which allows the dust to accumulate and the dishes to pile up. And for those of us that are overcome with OCD, it is important to remember that your children are only young once and that these years are precious. So while it's great to have a routine, it's also great to throw caution to the wind sometimes.