Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Emergency Equipment Every Family Household Should Have 

When the autumn and winter seasons come along, people’s moods shift as they realise the year is coming to a close. Christmas is also virtually just around the corner, and the time for cheer drawers in day by day. But as the head of the family, parents cannot overlook the fact that, as the weather changes, the lifestyle of their communities may change also. Power outages might become more frequent due to heavy winds damaging power lines, and floods that totally cut off the gas, water, and electricity. If you have children, it's even more important to make sure your household is prepared for emergencies. Shrug off the attitude that makes you think it won’t happen to you, and make a list of vital equipment and other things you might need. Charities and local authorities do have plans in place to make sure everyone is secure, but you can’t entirely rely on others to keep your family well.
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Make a first aid kit
Unlike a normal first aid kit that is good for cuts and scrapes, a survival aid kit is larger. You never know what an emergency might throw at you, so it’s best to go bulky on your health and safety equipment. For potentially broken limbs or severe swelling due to blunt force trauma, you should pack pressure bandages. These can be more tightly wrapped and will not break as easy; they’re also waterproof. Rather than a normal antibacterial spray for cuts, pack an iodine spray that has the same chemical surgeons use to sterilise an area before they operate. Iodine doesn’t sting as cheaper antibacterials do, but instead, it smothers and destroys germs at the area it is applied; vital for deep gash wounds. A small oxygen bottle would also fit neatly in your emergency aid kit. They’re not heavy and are quite slim, but they would be great to help your family if you’re even surrounding or in a fire.
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Making food on the go
Hurricanes can cause massive flooding, which damages water pipes, making the sink taps redundant. In case of such an event, always have a good amount of bottled water, so during a prolonged flooding and disaster zone, your family is not without hydration. A two burner electric boiling top from Corr Chilled is a fantastic way to make hot meals on the go. Simply plug in this kitchen appliance into a portable power source, or technically any plug socket you can find, and you’re ready to go. During such emergencies, a hot bowl of soup or mixed beans would be great for morale and uplift the spirits of the kids. Speaking of which, freeze-dried food in cans and airtight packing should also be a part of your emergency supplies. Chocolate bars, raisins, nuts, and berries are a great source of energy and can last your family a long time, so have them stockpiled.
We all don’t really think about it, but if and or when there is a natural disaster every family household should be prepared. Floods will take out power lines and can cause bodily harm by floating debris colliding against you. It’s imperative to have all these emergency supplies to keep your family safe, and well kept.

King Pong review and giveaway

King Pong is the brand new exciting table top game from Drumond Park, sure to be a firm favourite in your house. It is fun, frantic, fast paced, action packed and will have those balls bouncing all over the place. I was recently looking for gifts for my 8 year old as he is quickly outgrowing 'toys' and choosing technology instead so I wanted something to reflect his age but distract from screen time, this was the perfect gift and it bought the family together which with the busy lives we lead is always a bonus.

King Pong has a RRP of £24.99 and suitable for ages 8+, for 2-4 players. Up to four players compete to bounce their set of five coloured balls into the King Pong cube - using just one hand...however the balls will roll back out into the tray and will need to be bounced back in. The aim of the game is to get all your balls in the cube and snap closed your tray before any other player. So you will need to perfect your technique of bouncing your balls in faster than they can roll out to be crowned the King pong champion. Inside the cube there is a pyramid so if you practice and perfect your throw you can aim your balls to roll into your opponent's tray and snap yours closed.

I would love to say this did not have the adults playing as competitively as the kids but it did, once you start it is addictive, you just want to get your balls in and the tray shut before anyone else!! You develop a determination to find the perfect technique and beat them all, we played with our 8 year old and he found it so much fun as its action as well as a game so enjoys the physical aspect of the game. There was some tension as he went head to head with dad who looked like he was not about to play nicely! But he kept his cool and proved he was more than capable of taking dad on. I think this could be a great game for social gatherings of all ages, just beware of tantrums form the losers as their balls keep rolling back out...and I don't mean just from the kids! King Pong is a really fun game that got us moving and laughing all the way through, a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon with the family.

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot dolls review

This last couple of weeks we have been reviewing the Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot dolls and accessories from the limited edition collection from Kid Kreations. They came at a great time for us as we had the eldest's birthday so it gave the youngest something new to play with too.

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots are realistic miniature baby dolls that kids can collect. In the collection there are 15 dolls available to collect and the detail in the face is really incredible, creating real expressions. The babies have a soft huggable body and come with a beautifully designed individual miniature outfit and accessory and even come with their very own hospital wrist band containing a name and date of birth, so they are just like a real new born to be cared for and looked after.

There are two accessory sets, one bedtime set and a pram set, the bedtime set comes with a plastic bed with real working drawers, bedding a hanging mobile and an adorable sleeping doll that is exclusive to the set.
The Pram set contains a plastic pram with movable handle, wheels and hood so it be moved and changed to allow kids to make baby extra comfortable while wheeling them around. The bay comes dressed in an all in one suit and includes a changing bag, changing mat and fabric nappy.

The individual dolls have a RRP of £7.99 each and the playsets have a RRP of £14.99 and are available from Smyths Toy store

We were sent two babies and the pram set to review, immediately I could see they were going to be well liked as we have been spending time with friends and family who have new babies so she was already baby mad. Being Tinsy Winsy she was easily able to hold them, move them and sit up to the table to play and create stories whilst still sitting in the same place, a real bonus for me, when often imaginative play includes a real life set up of a situation and a obstacle course for me to get from one end of the room to the other! The detail on the dolls was really amazing for something so small and all the added accessories like name bands and clothing made play more realistic for her wide imagination so created hours of play and again being so small they were easy to tidy away and get out so it means they have been played with over and over, even being tucked up in bed with her. Another good thing about the size is we are able to pack them up and take with us when we are going out and about.
I think the price makes them a reasonably priced gift that lots of children will love to receive, or dare I say they will make a perfect stocking filler!