Sunday, 22 January 2017

Chewy Moon Snack box review

This week the kids were sent out a Chewy Moon box filled with yummy healthy snacks, great for packed lunches and after school snacks.

This was a real winner with the kids and they loved the choice of packs, a bonus knowing they are packed full of healthy nutritious ingredients. ( boxes may contain nuts and under 3's could choke on small pieces so supervision required) option to order nut free available. The kids loved all the boxes included and were actually wanting to eat all five in one go! they were tasty and interesting which really appealed to the kids,and the added activity fun packs made them more than just a snack box. 

Our pack contained - 
Happy BBQ - smokey almonds, smokey coconut pecks
Jack N' Berries - strawberry shapes, cranberry, blueberry and flapjack
Freaky Fruits - blackcurrant drops, apricot sticks, cherry cubes, peach cubes, raspberry strips
Jolly Jumble - organic blackcurrant stars, cranberries, apple, hazelnuts
Fantasticos - Pizza balls, edamame beans, baked cheese.

Chewy moon packs were created to allow parents to provide a healthy, appealing snack that children want to eat, by making the packaging appealing and the contents tasty children are learning that snacks can be healthy, tasty and fun and encourage them to make healthier eating choices as they grow. The contents of the boxes are nutritiously balanced to provide fibre, protein and all the vitamins and minerals they need to give them a natural energy boost. Chewy Moon have also created characters that appear on the box and in fun packs within the boxes that make them all the more appealing to young children. 

Chewy moon boxes can be ordered to be delivered on a weekly basis giving your child something to look forward to each week, each box contains five different snack boxes at a cost of £3.95 and 98p postage (first box is free). When you are ordering you are able to give food allergy information or order nut free boxes. If you want to try the box out before placing a weekly order you can opt for a trial box at £4.95 and 98p postage

Tackling those tell tale signs of sleepless nights - Review Remescar eye cream

Do you feel like you could carry your shopping in your eye bags? Do all those sleepless nights give you dark circles, being a parent is hard work and really does start to tell on your appearance and lifestyle. When you’re tired or stressed, the under eye skin can be swollen and dark as a symptom of your physical or mental fatigue. Looking tired can have a negative effect on your confidence and self-esteem.

Remescar have launched a new product to tackle these problem areas, eye bags and dark circles, available at all major Boots stores and online at a RRP of £29.95. 

The cream uses EYESYL, a technology developed by Sylphar (the company behind Remescar) that works on three key actions.

  • skin tightening
  • decrease water accumulation
  • micromuscular-pause

Its revolutionary technology EYESYL immediately targets eye bags & dark circles, by using a unique combination of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex which will lead to strong skin tightening, a decrease of fluid accumulation under the eyes and a micro-muscular pause. These actions will help to reduce the puffiness of the eyes and eliminate the appearance of dark circles in just two minutes.

Being a busy mum i am always on the look out for products that can help reduce the look of exhaustion and save me having to apply too much make up just to look human! So i was happy to give this product a try, although admittedly my eye bags are not yet too bad i do suffer with dark circles and this time of year struggle to cover them up with out a caked on look from my make up. 
The product felt nice to use and was easy to apply ( just a small amount, the size of a grain of rice is sufficient), i had already completed my daily routine of cleansing and moisturising, after two minutes my under eye area felt tighter, and did appear less dark so the amount of make i used was minimal and looked natural, a real bonus. this will stay in my make up bag as part of my daily routine now. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Child safety around the home

As parents we are all aware of the many dangers our children face every day around the home, but are we doing enough to reduce the risk of injury or harm from these dangers?

Here are just a few:

Risk of falling down the stairs

Getting burnt on the cooker or fire
Electric shock from the sockets and appliances
Burns from boiling/ hot water
Drowning in the bath/ pool/ toilet
Injury from falling objects
Poisoning from harmful chemicals

Being a new parent can be quite daunting and seem an endless worry with all these things to consider on top of all the sleepless nights and feeding, sterilising and dealing with any health issues that may crop up it is no wonder at times we take our eye off the ball and accidents happen.

Here are some simple steps to reduce the risk of accidents happening

Fit stair gates -  not only on stairs but to rooms that may be easily accessible and pose danger such as the kitchen (burns, electrical items, cleaning products) or the bathroom (toilet - risk of drowning if lid up, cleaning products, drowning if water left in bath, burns from hot tap water) your little bundle will be rolling and crawling and become lightening quick before you know it so best to be prepared in advance.

Use cupboard/ door locks -  keep the dangerous and harmful products locked away or better still up high out of reach, remember once they are mobile though, they are pretty good climbers, reaching something you thought out of reach! ensure tops are replaced properly on bottles/ containers
Use a fire guard - keep the little ones away from direct heat, ensure the fireguard is fitted and secured to the wall,  always remember they are not designed to be climbed upon so keep children off them at all times
Use plug socket covers -  these will avoid objects being poked into unused sockets by keeping them capped
Keep electrical wires out of reach where possible - reduce the risk of chewing on a wire!, playing with electrical appliances, and pulling appliances onto themselves by keeping the wire out of reach as much as possible.
Keep hot drinks/ liquids out of reach - ensure hot drinks are kept out of reach when freshly made, and taps are turned off properly to avoid burns from the hot water tap.
Never leave unsupervised in a bath or pool - if a baby slips or rolls and lands face down, he or she may not be able to turn over. Bathing seats or flotation devices may be used, but they don't protect against drowning and aren't a substitute for your attention. It takes very little water and time for a child to drown. 
Place baby in correct sleep position - do not use a pillow under the baby's head it may cause suffocation, place a baby to sleep with feet at the bottom of the cot, use only the right amount of blankets needed for temperature of room to reduce risk of overheating. 
Give food suitable for age/ development stage - Do not start weaning until your child is ready and can sit up unaided, ensure weaning food is appropriate and follow guidance from your health visitor, once more established ensure finger foods are soft and prepared suitably. Supervise eating at all times. 

Rattan direct have created the following quiz to help you think about and identify potential hazards in your home. Take two minutes to have a look and potentially reduce the risks in your home