Sunday, 17 September 2017

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot dolls review

This last couple of weeks we have been reviewing the Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot dolls and accessories from the limited edition collection from Kid Kreations. They came at a great time for us as we had the eldest's birthday so it gave the youngest something new to play with too.

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots are realistic miniature baby dolls that kids can collect. In the collection there are 15 dolls available to collect and the detail in the face is really incredible, creating real expressions. The babies have a soft huggable body and come with a beautifully designed individual miniature outfit and accessory and even come with their very own hospital wrist band containing a name and date of birth, so they are just like a real new born to be cared for and looked after.

There are two accessory sets, one bedtime set and a pram set, the bedtime set comes with a plastic bed with real working drawers, bedding a hanging mobile and an adorable sleeping doll that is exclusive to the set.
The Pram set contains a plastic pram with movable handle, wheels and hood so it be moved and changed to allow kids to make baby extra comfortable while wheeling them around. The bay comes dressed in an all in one suit and includes a changing bag, changing mat and fabric nappy.

The individual dolls have a RRP of £7.99 each and the playsets have a RRP of £14.99 and are available from Smyths Toy store

We were sent two babies and the pram set to review, immediately I could see they were going to be well liked as we have been spending time with friends and family who have new babies so she was already baby mad. Being Tinsy Winsy she was easily able to hold them, move them and sit up to the table to play and create stories whilst still sitting in the same place, a real bonus for me, when often imaginative play includes a real life set up of a situation and a obstacle course for me to get from one end of the room to the other! The detail on the dolls was really amazing for something so small and all the added accessories like name bands and clothing made play more realistic for her wide imagination so created hours of play and again being so small they were easy to tidy away and get out so it means they have been played with over and over, even being tucked up in bed with her. Another good thing about the size is we are able to pack them up and take with us when we are going out and about.
I think the price makes them a reasonably priced gift that lots of children will love to receive, or dare I say they will make a perfect stocking filler!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

What to buy an 8 year old boy!

When the kids are small there is a whole range of gifts and toys you can buy, guaranteed to please and impress the youngsters but this year I have really struggled to find birthday gifts I thought he would appreciate and use. During the course of the year his interests have become more techy/ gaming balanced out by outdoor games like football and rugby. As an avid Rugby fan he already has the kit, balls, memorabilia, so not much to get there, he did however ask for a new goalkeeper kit and money towards a new handheld games console. Great, however it didn't leave much for fun presents for him to open.
I sent out a request to see what we could find that could fit onto the big boy birthday present list, here is what we had to review and feature.

Skates JD Bug 200 Matt Black Street Foldable Scooter from Skates

This street scooter offers something lightweight and a scooter that will grow with your child well into their teens/ adulthood with a maximum weight of 15.7st, it boasts adjustable handles and a wider foot plate so as your child grows and gets more adventurous and able to take on those risky stunts they will have a scooter that can handle it. We have always had scooters and a very adventurous boy with little fear! he has always outgrown the scooters so this was an ideal present for him, especially at a time we want to balance out screen time with outdoor activities. Being as he is already well used to stunt scooters he took to this with ease and found it really lightweight to manoeuvre through all his stunts and whilst transporting it, he was easily able to fold it up and carry it. Definitely a present well worth investing in if like me you have a bit of a thrill seeker on your hands, it will last for years, certainly as long as the interest is there.

Top features
  • Superior folding mechanism that folds quickly and easily with a single lever perfect for hopping on or off public transport.
  • Excellent build quality and value for money from an established brand.
  • Lighter than similar models.
  • Great for keeping up with the kids or for commuting to work/school.
  • Bigger, faster 200mm 85a wheels with speed hubs and ABEC 9 rated bearings giving a better roll for longer with less effort.
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the lower back when scooting.
  • Height adjustable handle bars ranging from 74cm to a maximum height of 106cm meaning that this is great for adults and children.
  • Durable handle tube sleeves to ensure a secure fit into the handlebars without movement or rattles.
  • Extended Comfortable foam handgrips with rubber bar ends.
  • Maximum rider weight up to 100kg (15.7st).
  • Folded dimensions 760mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 250mm (H)
  • Wide aluminium footplate to accommodate larger shoe sizes.
  • Rear flex fender brake to bring you to slow and controlled stop

Bedding from Room to Grow

One thing I have noticed lately is he really wants to move away from themed character bedroom d├ęcor and bedding so the opportunity for grown up bedding was really welcome, we have been working on making him a grown up style bedroom so it fitted in well and came at the perfect time. I was sent a single bed set from room to grow which was blue gingham one side and white with blue and red stars on the reverse so we have the option to change as he wants it.

The bedding is really great quality, it feels really soft and washes really well, with some makes you get bobbling and thinness after a few washes and you can see this is not going to do that at all, it really suited his new grown up style bedroom and he loves the option of  changing it round each day to show the different patterns.

Personalised notebook from gift pup

Who doesn't like to receive a personalised gift, it really makes you feel that is a thoughtful and considered gift, and what little boy or girl wouldn't love to see their face on the front of their very own notebook.

This really was well received and is being well used with his new invisible ink pens (see below), there is plenty of other choice for personalised items from gift pup such as mugs, cushions, wall art or aprons too so definitely something for everyone. The process of adding personalisation is really easy, simply select your product, add the name/ text then upload a photo, all achieved in simple steps to guide you, once complete your order is processed, created and dispatched within 48 hours, a great service from giftpup.

Unique gifts from Flamingo gifts

Some times when you have the big present in place then you really need to add some fun presents to the pile or simply want a unique gift for a friend or relative, and Flamingo gifts have an amazing range of gifts you will not find in any old shop on the high street, they are fun and quirky and certainly would be well received, Flamingo gifts have something for everyone, with every taste and style you can imagine, so you are guaranteed to find something for that perfect gift. We received the secret pen set which is the perfect addition to the personalised notebook, and provides hours of fun writing secret letters to us all.

For more outdoor fun what about this pedal racer from Find me a gift

Actually not necessarily just outdoor fun as we have had hours of fun inside, laughter and challenges, not competitive at all!! It is a challenge to get your balance and pedal at the same time and something the kids seem much better at than the adults, a great present for all ages.

The pedal racer is really sturdy and has good sized foot plates to allow fun for all ages, completely addictive and something you feel you have to master! a totally affordable gift from find me a gift, who also have loads of other gift ideas for everyone of all ages and for every occasion including personalised gifts and novelty gifts so you are sure to find the perfect gift for nay personality or interest.
About The Product
  • Pedal Racers are a cross between a bicycle and a skateboard.
  • They have four sturdy wheels and two big red plates to balance your feet on!
  • Wheels and plates move forwards and backwards to enable you to roll steadily along – forwards or backwards!
  • Requires no assembly and comes ready to use!
  • Measures approximately 36 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm

Flummoxed - the foreign language bluffers game
You cannot go wrong with a game to pass the time on a rainy afternoon, so we always look for something like this as an alternative to screen time, now he is getting older the eldest is starting to enjoy games that challenge him, and are more complex, so this was a great game to review.

Flummoxed features a mix of languages and sees players compete to convince each other that their definition of a foreign word is the correct one, can they flummox the other players? the game is suitable from age 8+ and is a great introduction to word play and interpretation, allowing imaginative growth and an introduction to foreign languages so really educational as well as fun for all the family. It took us a while to explain the concept of the game and guide him a little to begin with but was soon joining in on his own, so a really good alternative to screen time. Available from Amazon

Personalised gifts from Its Your Story

Its your story have a great range of personalised clothing, gifts and books which make the perfect present, they use a range of characters in their personalised products so you are bound to find something for any character in the family.

We went for the rock star design on a water bottle to reflect the emerging musical interest we are seeing coming out but there are so many characters you will easily find one to suit. Its your story create some amazing personalised books which are so easy to create, you simply give some personal details and a picture which will all be used to create a truly personal story or educational book. Products are not only for children they can be created for all the family so a perfect gift for mum or dad too.

I am sure you will agree there are plenty of gift ideas here for a grown up 8 year old, plenty of birthday and dare I say it Christmas gift ideas that will make any little man happy.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Making More Use Of Your Garden This Autumn

Now that September is here the weather seems to have gone down a more autumnal route, and with that comes the idea of pumpkin spiced lattes and scented candles. However, a lot of the time in the UK, we are still blessed with a relatively warm beginning to autumn, which means that you can still take advantage of your outside space. Autumn is the perfect time not only to enjoy your garden but to also prepare it for the winter ahead. So that when Spring does begin next year, you can make the most of it almost straight away. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can make the most out of your garden this Autumn.

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Tackle those garden chores

We all have those yearly tasks that we tend to put off during the summer months. Possibly because we can be thinking of better things to do when the sun is shining. However, while the weather is still mostly dry and warm, you may want to think about getting them jobs done before the colder weather starts to remain a permanent feature. Things like clearing out the gutters and jet washing the patios or outside windows. This helps things to be tidy and ready for the winter ahead. Leaving them means you have more of a bigger task in the Spring.

Eat al fresco or create an outside kitchen

If the weather is good, why not continue to enjoy eating outside or cooking on a BBQ. You may even find that at this time of year, it could be the perfect time to invest in a new outdoor kitchen or BBQ to cook on. Websites like are always worth a look. Many people choose to invest in their garden during the Autumn, as often bigger jobs can be done with ease as well as being an ideal time to grab some bargains. Don’t let the word Autumn stop you from enjoying your garden.

Get some garden storage

With winter coming soon, it might be the ideal time for you to start thinking about garden storage and where you may tidy things away to protect them from icy blasts, rain and snow. A garden shed or even something smaller like a storage box can be great additions to any outside space. If you are looking for a bargain, then websites like are always worth a look.

Take care of your lawns

After the summer, our lawns can often be in need of some grass seed or some tender loving care. Autumn is the perfect time to ensure that you give your lawn some attention before the colder weather sets in. It enables the lawn to withstand some of the harshest weather.

Give the flowerbeds the last weeding

Finally, the flowerbeds are always in need of some weeding, especially as the rain may start to be more frequent. Every opportunity you have, get out there to weed them to avoid it being a huge task when the spring arrives.

I hope these tips help you make more use of your garden this autumn.