Monday, 14 January 2019

#competition #giveaway Milkman Razor Rail Shaving Gel

The xmas break often means we get to relax a bit and loosen up on our beauty regime, I am sure it is the same for many men out there too, who is going to shave every day when they don't need to! However back to work and back to the office means getting that routine back and new year is the perfect time to change and add some new products to your morning routine.

We have been trying out this fab Milkman Razor Rail shave gel, and I say we as it is great for us ladies too, leaving legs super soft and moisturised. It is a clear gel so you can see where you are shaving, ideal for those that that like to trim and keep a beard, goatie or moustache as it is clear it gives precision shaving and allows you to keep those lines even and straight.

Milkman Grooming Co is an Australian facial hair company and have come up with a better way to shave.
This is the ultimate shaving lubricant for people with sensitive skin. Whether you use a razor blade or a wet electric shaver to shave, this soap-free gel will absolutely change your life and make shaving as exciting as the first time you did it.
It has huge advantages over shaving soaps & creams because you can see what you're shaving, it doesn't dry the skin (in fact it moisturises it), you save water because it wipes off your face & rinses off the blade so easily & you don't need any paraphernalia like brushes & bowls to get the job done.
Whether you want a full face shave, a bald head shave, or just some good old beardscaping, this gel can do it all. Say goodbye to shave creams & soaps that don't allow you to see what you're shaving & dry your skin out.
Razor Rail Clear Shave Gel is a delightful, non-foaming lubricant design to give you a close shave whilst leaving your skin feeling glorious. Because it's clear, this gel allows you to see what you're shaving, so you can get clean lines every time.

We've also packed it with hydrating ingredients
- Aloe Vera & Menthol to soothe the skin
- Rosemary Oil for its anti-oxidants.

Use between 2-3 pumps per shave & you'll get about 100 shaves per bottle.

Directions to use:
Pump the gel, apply where needed, shave & wipe off the excess - it's that simple.

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glycerine, Ethanol, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Menthol, Fragrance (Parfum), Metha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Oil, Rosemary Officianalis (Spanish Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Extract.

I am sure you guys will love the product as much as we do so i am delighted to say i have 5 bottles to giveaway, simply follow the instructions below, good luck and enjoy the experience of a closer, smoother shave every day. Or if you cannot wait you can find the product here

Win Milkman Razor Rail Shaving Gel #8

Monday, 10 December 2018

Give a life-changing gift this Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time, full of festive cheer. But, for the18,000 young people (aged 16-25) at risk of homelessness this Christmas the season of goodwill can serve as a harsh reminder of the difficult, lonely and isolating time they face. Living in a small town it is not often we are faced with the realities of homelessness for young people, and it can be quite hard and emotional to witness when we visit larger towns and cities. Not knowing how to help is always difficult, giving a hot meal and drink hardly seems enough and never being sure if giving money is a good idea leaves me in a moral dilemma, so this idea of giving more than a gift from Centrepoint is something I really like.

Centrepoint, the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people, believes everyone should have someone at Christmas and is encouraging people to give more than a gift this year… From Christmas dinner to a safe place to stay, giving a gift that lasts beyond Christmas day could transform a vulnerable young person’s life forever.

Centrepoint CEO Seyi Obakin says, “For many of the young people Centrepoint supports, Christmas can be a difficult time. Imagine being 18 and alone, having nowhere safe and loving to go. By giving more than a gift this Christmas, you’ll be helping to support young people when they need it most.”


With life-changing gifts ranging from £10 to £1,500, it’s easy to make a difference to the lives of homeless young people this Christmas – visit:

Life-Changing Gifts under £20

More than a Christmas dinner (£10): By providing a Christmas dinner you’re giving a young person a comforting meal to share with other young people and those who are supporting them out of homelessness.

More than a Christmas gift (£13): Giving and receiving gifts - big or small - is a special part of Christmas, but there may be little to give or receive for many homeless young people. Help bring Christmas to a young person at Centrepoint this year with a present to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Life-Changing Gifts under £50

More than a bed (£35): Without a good night’s sleep, how can we expect a homeless young person to be happy, healthy or able to build a positive future? Give a homeless young person the safety and comfort of a bed this Christmas.

More than a Christmas hamper (£50): A Christmas hamper gives a young person enough food to last them the Christmas week, plus some little luxuries for the New Year.

Life-Changing Gifts under £100

More than kitchen essentials kit (£75): When a young person moves in to their new Centrepoint home it’s a wonderful moment, but they still need the basics. Our kitchen essentials kit provides items to help young people settle into their new home and move towards independence.

More than a study kit (£95): Stationery, books and laptops are the kind of items that most students take for granted. For a homeless young person, they are simply unaffordable. Yet without them, they have little chance of being able to go into education or employment. Give a homeless young person the same chance at succeeding in education or work as their peers.

Life-Changing Gifts under £250

More than a room (£144): A room at Centrepoint can ensure a young person gets the support they need to move on from a life of homelessness. Your gift will not only pay for a warm, safe room for up to a year, but also provide the vital support they may have never been given before.

Christmas Success Box (£250): A room for a year, study kit and a festive meal. This special Christmas gift could give young people a real chance of escaping homelessness forever.

Centrepoint resident Lucy, says “I am going to be happy, even if I don’t have everything I always wished for, as long as I’ve got somewhere to be, somewhere where I have a roof over my head, and food for that day, and enjoying my time and learning even if its listening to music. I will be happy. I don’t expect too much now. I am starting not to expect too much from life or to ask for too much.”

Please note: All the money given to Centrepoint will be used to fund their work with homeless young people. These gifts are examples of what they provide for young people and represent how donations could be used.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Staying safe on the roads this Xmas with the #tyrechallenge

As Xmas approaches most of us will be thinking of days out Xmas shopping or trips to visit family and friends in the run up to Xmas. While our thoughts and minds are preoccupied with the main task of buying, what to buy, who we need to buy for or what we will eat at our family gathering, it is likely the last thing on our mind is car maintenance and how we drive affects our car and tyre performance. 

And if your like me it is something I never think about, luckily having someone else to take care of car maintenance is one less thing for me to worry about. However stop and think what would you do if you were to face a problem while out and about on your travels as most likely you will not always have the safety net of a partner who deals with these things with you on every trip.

Kwik Fit have got a tyre quiz running over on their website aimed at testing your tyre care and safety knowledge and as we approach the winter and increase in journey's we make it is a great tool to test how much you actually know. I have taken the quiz and I am a little ashamed to say I didn't do as well as I thought  I would do, probably because I leave car stuff to my partner, so I really need to brush up on my knowledge I think especially as I often take long journeys on my own with the children.

Admittedly I am guilty of thinking I am ok as I have breakdown cover, however it is not all about breakdowns and recovery. It is important to have good knowledge to possibly avert a car problem or even an accident by practicing safe tyre care:
  • keeping good tread
  • knowing your stopping distances
  • having the right tyre pressure
  • doing regular checks to ensure they are in good condition with no splits or nails embedded in them

If like me this has made you think you may need to brush up on your knowledge, then head on over to the Kwik Fit site and take a look at their advice and take the quiz, you never know you could save yourself time, stress and money by being a bit more tyre savvy!! 

Safe travels guys.