Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Kitchens Upgraded

Not every home is lucky enough to have a kitchen large enough to incorporate an island or even a table in the middle of it, but when you spend so much time in one place preparing food for your family, you deserve a great kitchen.

In this blog we’re exploring how even the smallest space can be made over to look and feel more spacious with some clever tips and tricks.

Image courtesy of Pexels


This might not be the place you’d start but some modern flooring can transform how a kitchen looks and feels. If you’ve got some tatty laminate or vinyl underfoot think about how some tiles, wood or new laminate might look. There are some great kitchen flooring trends out there that are well worth spending some time exploring and the great news is that as you only have a small space, it’s not going to cost you the earth. Get rid of that grimy, dark surface and add a touch of luxury under your feet.

Clever Cupboards

One major drawback of a smaller kitchen is the lack of storage. If you’re looking at ways to maximise your cupboard space then make sure that every cupboard is well used. There are several ways to do this, first have a good clear out. There are bound to be ancient pots and pans that are no longer any good, be ruthless.

Secondly, relocate the washing machine. If you’ve got an outside storage space, or room under the stairs, then think about moving the washing machine out from the kitchen. You’ll be able to place movable storage in the space or build a new cupboard into it.

Consider hanging items from the ceiling, it not only looks like a bohemian country cottage it will free up a lot of room in your cupboard. Kitchen utensils such as ricers, mashers and whisks can all find a home off ground while pans can be also be hung from the wall.

Create Space And Light

Think about installing a mirrored splashback along your wall to create a feeling of space and room. If your kitchen has its own roof then a skylight can transform the feel of the room taking it from a dark space and flooding it with light.

By keeping your kitchen scheme simple and with lighter coloured cupboards your kitchen might be small but it doesn’t have to feel it.

Kitchens are often the last places in the house to get a makeover. It can be a costly and disruptive process and one that takes some time. But with a simple change in cupboard colour, some new lighter, more modern flooring and some smart storage ideas you can transform your small space. Find some great spots to hang utensils that are practical and keep them out of drawers and cupboards.

Add light with a skylight and the illusion of more room and you’ll love spending time in your modern country kitchen, creating meals for your family members and guests alike.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

The 10 Best Things About Staying In A Luxury or Boutique Hotel

Photo by Tony Yakovlenko on Unsplash

When it comes to travel there is no better feeling than getting back to your hotel after a long day of exploring and relaxing with a glass of wine. There’s something about staying in a luxurious or boutique hotel that makes travelling feel that little bit more rewarding. Whether you travel for work or it’s a once-a-year treat, the novelty never seems to wear off. With that in mind, here are 10 of the best things about having the opportunity to stay in a luxury or boutique hotel:

The Quality Of The Products They Use

Although you can buy as many expensive products as you want, having them to use in hotels is an added bonus of staying somewhere that has a little more of a steeper pricetag. Usually, you will find the the towels, robes, bedsheets and even the bathroom products are from well-known or reputable brands. If it’s not a brand you know, it will be locally sourced from a company that has been tried, tested and loved by the owner of the hotel. Whilst you may receive a similar service in a hotel that isn’t considered luxury, it definitely won’t be of the same quality.

The Luxury Of Sleeping In A Different (Much Comfier) Bed

Luxury and boutique hotels can always guarantee one thing - an incredibly comfy bed! One of the best things about paying more for a hotel is that you know you’re going to be getting a really good nights’ sleep. Not only will the hotel ensure you have a super comfy mattress to sleep on, but they will make sure all of the bedding and pillows are of high-quality. You’ll sleep so well you’ll be dying to recreate your hotel bed at home. For tips and tricks when it comes to recreating your hotel bed at home, you can visit this site here.

A Sense Of Adventure When You Wake Up

When you stay in any hotel you will always have the same feeling when you wake up. Whether you’re exploring a new country or visiting a place you have always loved, you will wake up feeling an overwhelming sense of adventure. After an incredible night sleep, you can go and explore the world outside your hotel door.

Getting A Little Bit Of Peace And Quiet

If you are travelling to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, a luxury or boutique hotel could bring you the peace and quiet you need. If it’s something you have booked to allow yourself the time to relax, you may want to consider finding a spa break that will allow you to book as a package. Not only does this mean you’ll have a luxurious room to stay it, but it also means you’ll have full use of the hotel’s spa facilities. If you want to have the ultimate relaxing experience, why not book yourself a treatment too? For a guide to booking a spa break, you can visit this guide here.

Ordering Room Service

Although you may want to try the local cuisine in the country or city you’re visiting, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with ordering room service to your room once or twice. Whether you want breakfast in bed or a midnight snack after a long day, you can order food to enjoy from the comfort of your own room. Whilst there may be a room charge added to your bill, it’s definitely worth it for the relaxing experience.

Technically, You Don’t Have To Clean Up

Although you should be aiming to keep your room as tidy as you can out of respect, you don’t have to do any of the difficult cleaning jobs when you stay in a hotel. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom or sweeping the floors, it’s the hotel’s job to ensure your room is as tidy as it can be. If you don’t want to receive maid service every day, there are lots of different ways for you to opt out. For a guide to opting out of maid service in a hotel, you can visit this site here.

You Receive Fresh Towels Every Day

When the hotel maid’s visit your room each morning, they will give you clean towels, providing you have left your old ones on the floor. Whilst they do try to be as environmentally friendly as they can when it comes to the number of washes they do, you can choose to have clean towels as often as you want. Ideal for those that have a long stay ahead of them, fresh towels every day is something you’d never experience at home. For hotel quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth, you can visit this site here.

You Can Still Feel At Home In Hotel

Another great thing about staying in a hotel is that if you’re booking something that is a little more luxurious, you know you’re going to feel at home. They will do their best to make you feel as though you’re staying in a home away from home, even if it is just for one night.

You Can Stay In Some Incredible Locations

When it comes to staying in a luxurious or boutique hotel, you will find that they have some of the best locations possible. As they usually have more of an upmarket price tag, often they are located within the centre of a destination. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat instead, some of the most luxurious hotels in the world are located in some of the most idyllic countryside towns.

Hotels Are One Of The Safest Places To Stay

If you’re worried about your safety when travelling then it’s important to know that hotels are one of the safest types of accommodation you can book. Although you can’t guarantee something bad isn’t going to happen, there are lots of laws regulations in place to help reassure you should you encounter any issues at a hotel.

Do you love staying in hotels when you travel? What are your favourite things about sleeping in a hotel? Let me know in the comments section below.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Important Steps You Must Take To Build Financial Security For Your Family

Getting caught up in the here and now is all too easy when you have a family. This is particularly true when that family is made up of dependants who require your time, attention, and money. Living in the moment is important, but you must look towards the future too. After all, at any point in time, those that rely on you right now might not have you around anymore. When it comes to protecting your family’s future, planning is imperative. If things are just left to pan out, they very rarely go your way. With that in mind, here are ten ways to build financial security for your family.


Live Below Your Means

There is only so much you can do for your finances when you’re always overspending. To secure a better financial future, you have to make sacrifices now. This means creating a budget that ensures you live below your means. Rather than spending every pound in your account, you should live a simpler life and eliminate any non-essential purchases, like meals out and day trips. The extra money left over can then be put into savings for school, emergencies, or anything else.

Begin Saving For School

Education very rarely comes cheap, especially these days. If your children decide to attend university when they’re a little bit older, this means that they’ll have some very big bills to pay. Although borrowing the money is an option, student loans don’t always cover all living costs. Plus, even when they do, your kids will find themselves in a lot of debt. This is why many parents choose to help out. If you intend to do the same, then begin saving as soon as you possibly can.


Ask Kids To Work

Giving your kids money whenever they ask for it might lead them to believe that it comes easy. However, as you should already know, it certainly doesn’t. Because of this, you should encourage your kids to get jobs as soon as they’re old enough. This will teach them the value of money, as well as provide transferable skills that might benefit them in future jobs. Working also means that your kids will have money of their own, so they won’t always need to ask for yours.

Talk To Your Partner

The topic of money can cause a lot of problems in a relationship. If you and your partner aren’t on the same page when it comes to family finances, then you are sure to have a few arguments. These disagreements will also make it impossible for you to achieve your financial goals, as your partner’s spending probably won’t align with them. For a healthier marriage and bank balance, you should discuss money calmly together and try to come to a compromise of some sort.

Write Out Your Will

Many people assume that, when they pass away, their assets will automatically go to the people they wanted them to. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. To make things easier for those you leave behind, you must draw up a will. This task is more complicated than it sounds, so you should work with experts, like wills and probate solicitors, Bannister Preston. They will be able to guide you through the process of making a will, as well as offer helpful advice and support.

Pay Off Any Debt

Debt is something no one wants to leave behind when they pass. Almost everyone has some form of debt, which, unfortunately, may fall on the shoulders of loved ones later. To keep this from happening, you should pay off your debts while you still can. Beginning with balances with the highest interest rates will save you some money. However, if you need a little motivation, then clearing a small bill or two first will give the sense of accomplishment you need to keep going.

Buy The Right Insurance

Everyone needs insurance. If anything were to happen to your car, property, or health, it could cost you a lot of money in a very short space of time. You may not even be able to afford to cover these expenses, but, if you can, it will severely damage your finances. Having this protection means that you won’t have to shell out lots of your own money. For this reason, you should go through all of your assets and make sure that the biggest ones are all covered by good policies.

Grow An Emergency Fund

Although you can purchase insurance to cover many different costs, no policy will protect you from everything. This is why it’s so important that you have an emergency fund too. Without these savings, you might have to borrow money instead, which would put you in debt. Many people use their emergency funds when they lose their jobs unexpectedly. Because it can take a while to find new employment, your savings should cover at least six months worth of expenses.

Invest In Your Retirement

Retirement often seems a long way away. This is why most people choose to put it to the back of their minds. However, regardless of your age, you should begin saving up. After all, the longer you put money away, the more you’ll have when retirement does roll around. Plus, you’ll earn more interest the more money you have in your account. Seeking pension options early means that, whenever you choose to retire, you’ll have the funds you need to live a comfortable life.


Seek Out Professional Help

Building financial security is a complex process. Although there is lots of advice out there to help you help yourself, nothing beats having professional support by your side. Just a quick search on the internet should bring up plenty of qualified financial advisors nearby who can guide you through everything that you need to do to be financially secure. If you don’t want to pay the fees, then speak to friends or relatives who have financial advisors of their own for some tips.

Financial security should never be left to chance. By following the advice above, you can secure a better financial future for you and your family.