Thursday, 16 August 2018

There Are Ways Out Of Your Money Troubles

There are always going to be ways of getting out of your money problems, you just need to be proactive enough to be able to get out of them! We’re so bad at either ignoring all money problems, making them worse, or going into some sort of blind panic due to the piling issues. However, like with most things in life, there is always going to be a way out. If you look hard enough, and put in enough effort with it all, then you’re always going to be able to get back on top of your money situation. A lot of it involves figuring out where you went wrong, why you’re still going wrong, and what can be done about it! So, if you feel like there’s no way out of your money problem, but you’re really coming to the time where you need a solution, have a read of the information we’ve got below, and see if you can change your money problem around.

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Start From The Beginning

The first thing that you need to do is retrace your steps. If you retrace your steps, it might lead you to the answer of why you’re still going wrong at the minute. Because we know that once you’ve started to go downhill with your money, it’s actually really hard to get back on track again. So, think about when it all went wrong. For a lot of you, it will have been once you got your first taste of real money. Whether it be from a part time job, or your first full time job after leaving high school. When we’re young and stupid, it’s so easy to spend the money quicker than it comes in, but we forget that it’s so important to have savings to fall back on as well. Think about the money you spent on silly things, just because you had the money, and what you could have done with it if you had saved it. But, if you retrace your steps and come back to the present and find you’re still not saving money, you know where you’re going wrong. All it takes is a failed MOT, a speeding fine, a broken cooker… anything at all and you could be tempted to use your credit card to buy it out. But, you use that credit card again and again, until eventually you’ve maxed it out, and you’re in a whole new world of money troubles! Find out what got you where you are, and see if you can eradicate it. Don’t expect it to be a quick fix miracle, it’s important to take your time!

The Best Ways To Manage Financial Setbacks

We listed a few financial setbacks you could face in the paragraph above, and they’re serious setbacks that could jepordise your money situation for months. So, when something unexpected like this comes up, and you’re really not prepared for it moneywise, consider taking out a loan rather than using your credit card. You have to make the payments in full by a certain date, so you won’t be tempted to just make the minimum payments that a credit card would allow. Guarantor loans are easy enough to come by if you have a poor credit score at the minute, and they can really get you out of a tricky situation. All you need to do is a money plan before you take something like this out. You need to know for sure that you’re going to be able to pay all of the repayments back on time, and still be able to carry on with your normal life and pay the bills!

Use Technology

Technology is good for many things, but whilst it can’t magic all of your debts and issues away, it can definitely help you a fair bit. There are apps out there that you can connect to your bank account, it’ll analyse it and your spending, and it’ll take some out for you to save every week. They’re really reliable, so don’t worry about anything going wrong. There are also debt planner apps. Once you’ve put in all of your data, it will tell you how much you need to pay off every month, and send your reminders. It’s really helpful to have that little message every so often that’s going to keep you on track!

Cancel Out Bad Habits

The final piece of the puzzle is all down to you. You really do need to make sure that you’re cancelling out all of your bad habits. Whether it be spending, a bad attitude to debt clearance, or whatever else might have got you to where you are!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Helping kids through the loss of a loved one

When we lose a loved one it is such a terribly hard time, especially a sudden untimely loss, someone you didn't expect to be taken so soon, or it would seem before their time. During these dark sad times we can often be consumed by grief and such mixed emotions that we cannot focus beyond what we are feeling and that is perfectly understandable and completely fine. But what happens when there are children in the family, children that are old enough to understand and comprehend what has happened, although they may not have the emotional maturity to deal with the situation and emotions that accompany such a loss. It is so difficult to find the balance of how much to expose them to with wanting to protect them.

We have had two family bereavements in the last year and they have had varying impacts on the children. The first being very sudden and has totally turned our lives upside down and affected most every aspect of our lives, this we found hard to know how to manage with the children as because it affects our day to day lives we found it was and still can be the focus of most conversations but we didn't want them to continually see upset and worry. We agreed early on to be honest and open about as much as we could to help them understand the situation, we allowed time for them to ask questions and process the answers we gave. We felt strongly not to hide our sadness although we didn't want them to witness our moments of complete devastation. They understand the basic reasons and the course of proceedings that followed and I do think It really helped that they felt they could ask questions and it wasn't a wall of silence when they were around. They saw it is ok to show the emotional pain you feel and that we help and support each other, a huge lesson in compassion and empathy. 

When we experienced our second loss it was slightly less unexpected but still a person that they had come to know as an important part of the family. Although it is easier to explain loss from what they consider to be through old age and a loss they can make sense of in a way because they see it as this is how things happen it really doesn't make the loss any easier or more bearable. We did find though they were much more understanding, sympathetic and expectant of the emotions that they were witnessing for the second time in a short time frame. 

Even now I still feel quite emotional when they show such compassion and recognition of the loss and gaps left in our lives, it makes me proud to see the care and love they offer and how such sadness and loss can create and teach empathy and compassion. I would like to think that how we have dealt with these losses has built their characters and instilled morals they will carry through their lives and have the ability to show, understand and accept the emotional rollercoaster that is life and loss.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Surviving the school holidays - tips, treats and beating the madness

We all know that being home with the kids is a whole new level of workload, sometimes involving more work than going out to a 9-5 job and almost definitely alot more mentally draining. The constant cycle of feeding, entertaining, cleaning up after, refereeing, personal care giver, and being a walking encyclopaedia gets exhausting, and then it starts again the next day. Solid for 6 whole weeks!!!

I am sure many will agree at two weeks in it is already feeling a little bit like groundhog Day and I am starting to feel a little less enthusiastic at every story I tell, question I answer, activity I plan so what will the remaining weeks bring!

To survive I have put together some treats, ideas and survival tips because we all need a treat and a little time out to keep us sane!

Beauty care - I always feel that if my skin feels good I feel better and happier, so take some time to add some pamper time to your morning/ bed routine, I have been using this amazing cleanser from Angela Langford, sweet cheeks cleanser smells divine is 99% natural so is gentle on your skin, it perfectly balances your skin to give clean and clear results. Containing rose, cypress and papaya these key ingredients work together to cleanse, calm, unclog and tighten pores, stabilise oily skin, exfoliate dry patches, and make you skin glow! what more can our skin need!!

I follow this with some bloom and glow radiance restoring face oil to give me a fabulously radiant glow, so even when I may be feeling a little frazzled my skin certainly keeps me looking fresh throughout the day.

Me time - One thing I do still try to keep to is getting the kids into their rooms at night at a reasonable time, it is the holidays so we are not overly strict but I do like them to have an hour chilling out reading before bed and it gives me a little time to relax and unwind child free before collapsing into bed myself! And chill time means treat time, a small gin (or two) with some tasty treats (not for children)

I have been sent these amazing marshmallows from the marshmallowist and they are no ordinary marshmallow, they are truly special and certainly not to be shared with the children!

Raspberry and champagne flavour are by far my favourite as these are two of my favourite flavours anyway, they smell delicious and are truly divine, real indulgence.

Passion fruit and ginger are tangy, intense with a fiery little kick again, amazing flavours and taste, definitely not any normal marshmallow you will taste. So if you are looking for a treat that is something different and indulgent then you need to try these. other flavours in the range are

Rhubarb & Ginger
Tahitian Vanilla and Golden Pecan
Toasted Coconut finished with toasted coconut flakes
Blueberry & Gin

Practical tips - To help myself I try to find ways to save time and stress during the day, one thing I have started to do is make up snack/ breakfast/ lunch boxes in the fridge, so if i am busy cleaning the after effects of the tornado that ripped through the house (the children) they can grab and go without the endless requests to be fed as let's face it school hols means they eat twice as much and seem to fit in an extra 6 meals a day!!!
It also makes it easier to grab and go for those moments you just need to get out and escape the four walls for a while, instant picnics to keep them happy and act like a magnet - where there is food they follow!

I use boxes like these handy igluu meal prep containers which come with one, two or three  compartments especially handy to have two or three compartments to separate and stop food getting mixed (we are all familiar with the effects of a cucumber touching a sandwich, complete meltdown and refusal to eat), these containers are reusable, dishwasher and microwave safe so life is made just a little easier.
I will mix up the boxes so we have some snacks, some savoury and some sweet it really does save time and stress during the day, and if you prep them the night before it may even give you an extra half hour in bed in a morning if your little ones are old enough to get up and help themselves to a ready prepped breakfast box!

Plan days out to tire and entertain the kids but balance with some quieter chill days so you don't burn out before your hallway through the holidays, check out local sites like castles, leisure centres wildlife centres/ nature reserves as often these will have planned activities for the kids that don't cost the earth and can be educational too. Take picnics to save the stress of eating out and you can feed on demand!

My biggest tip is try to go with the flow of madness and mess as it will soon be over, and soon be replaced by zombie children staring into computer screens!