Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Outfitting Your DIY Toolkit With Care

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A DIY toolkit can be a great aid to anyone trying to run a home, because it effectively gives you the chance to overcome certain maintenance issues without having to grapple with an unnecessary callout charge. Thankfully, this needn’t feel like an overblown and overwhelming consideration if you’re not that well versed in DIY, as simple tools are often the best and most diverse in utility.

Additionally, it’s best for us to avoid simply putting everything on ‘the man of the house,’ as there’s nothing to suggest that mothers cannot provide an excellent and thoroughly capable DIY job in itself. With our own efforts, perhaps we can skew this baseline perception a little more.

Through excellent resources such as r/DIY to guide us, we can ask questions and discuss the various roles and responsibilities involved with certain jobs carefully. But before we begin, it can also be very worthwhile to structure your own DIY toolkit, and to do so with pride. In the following advice, you’ll be able to focus on that adequately.

Convenience Items

There are many useful convenience items that are worthwhile to have in your toolbox, those that you will miss when they are gone. From an assortment of screws to a range of different tapes of various strengths, it’s the smaller jobs that can be best helped with these quick fixes. Convenience items may also include battery powered glue guns for the easy gluing and repair of certain items, to sandpaper that allows you to bring down rough edges such as the side of a wooden kitchen table (these are often perfect head height for a toddler to cause themselves damage, so dulling the edge is important). With these purchases, you’ll be half of the way there.

Power Tools

It can be nice purchasing a power tool, or even a set once in a while. From power screwdrivers to power sanders and even a cordless drill, it’s important to practice safety even further when using one of these items, but owning them can help you through a range of immediate scenarios. They can also limit the amount of heavy work needed to approximate a task, such as being able to assemble flat pack furniture easily with a power screwdriver that easily places screws in the right place. You’ll notice the difference, and these tools can last years and years if you take good care of them.

The Basics

The basics are also important to curate. From ensuring you have a good wrench, a normal screwdriver and a hammer to ensuring certain safety implements are taken care of, such as goggles, thick gloves and even a face mask, you will be certain to protect yourself when necessary. A level and even a work bench may be considered vital parts of your overall toolkit, because a stable surface to work on is as important as anything else.

With this advice, you’re sure to outfit your DIY toolkit with care.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

How To Create An Office You Can Be Proud Of

If you are planning on starting a small business, or even if you have a business that has been running for a while, you are probably going to need to create or find a workspace that is both cost-effective and comfortable.

In this post, we are going to be looking at how you can think outside the box when it comes to creating a workspace that will help your business grow and also be able to help you move on to the next stage of creating a booming business.

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Why A Commercial Office May Not Be Viable

The one thing you should realise when your business is in its infancy is that going full throttle and renting out a large office space is never going to be the best option for your bank balance or your business.

One of the most important figures to keep at the front of your mind is that most businesses do not make it through the first year of operation. Holding on to this knowledge isn’t meant to scare you; it’s meant to lead you away from failure.

As you are going to see, keeping things small and your costs low is always going to be the very best option for you and your business moving forward.

Where Will It Be?

One of the first questions you must answer when it comes to setting up your office is all down to location. For some people, they will often find that their first office can be set up at home. While this sounds easy enough, it’s more challenging than you think.

Having a home office can pose many challenges and distractions, so you need to create an environment that is only yours and sits completely separate from the rest of the house. If you, like many others, do not have the room, then you may want to look at finding a cheap space you can use.

While it may sound crazy, many startup companies are using personal storage containers to set up an office nowadays. The units have heat, power and pretty much everything you need to create an office, and finally, they are really cheap too.

How Should It Look?

The final thing you need to look at is the design of the space you use. One of the most important things you will ever do when creating a workspace is to make sure that it’s fit for purpose and doesn’t have too much that can distract you.

An office space should be created with efficiency and comfort in mind. Once you get both of these things right, you will be left with an office that will see you through until your next great moment where you need something that can help you reach your next great milestone. 

So, as you can see, while most people think they need to spend a ton when creating an office for their business, it can actually be cheaper and easier than most people think. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

So Many Things To Do… Ways To Really Help With Life Admin

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Trying to look after your family as well as keep on top of your life goals is the very definition of stress! For so many of us, we feel that we've got to keep everything above board so our needs end up going way down the pecking order. But when there's so much that needs doing, such as life admin, while it's easy to say that we need to be organised, the reality is way different. What can we do to make sure that we keep on top of life admin effectively?

The Power Of Templates

If you are constantly emailing the school or trying to keep on top of your utility bills it's amazing what a little template can do. There are plenty of template programs out there including Templafy to get you started. If you are someone that is constantly messaging people one-word answers or they text you with an abundance of questions, replying to them can eat at a significant chunk of your day. If you can work smart by having a handful of templates, especially when you are getting a text from your mother-in-law that asks the same questions every single week, it's going to be a massive game changer!

Integrate Your Calendar And Your Email Account

You may get emails from your utility provider or if there are numerous birthday parties that you've got to attend this weekend, if you can integrate your calendar with your email account, everything is in one place. As soon as you start adding all these commitments in one area it's far easier to keep track of. It's also worth thinking about numerous life admin apps. There are plenty out there, especially if you and your partner are struggling to coordinate your weekend because you are like ships in the night. There are apps like Asana that sync up to both your calendars so you can see exactly what's going on. If you spend a considerable amount of time every week coordinating each other's calendars this takes the pain out of the process.

Have A Brain Dump

If you feel stressed by the excessive amount of life admin you've got to have a pen and paper next to your bed. If you are one of those people that can't fall asleep because of everything whizzing around your head, write down a to-do list or get all of those random thoughts onto paper. It's a very satisfying process and it could help you to sleep better.

Set A Schedule For Big And Small Tasks

Scheduling is crucial. And even if you think you have a big task like cleaning the house, if you can break this task down into more manageable ones, you will be able to complete the list of things to do far quicker. A schedule is crucial if you are constantly running around feeling like you're not on top of everything. It's also important to set aside some time for you to relax! If you put this into your schedule you are prioritising this as much as everything else.

Life admin can get on top of us if we let it but there are plenty of opportunities to keep those issues at bay. 

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