Friday, 12 April 2019

 Tips that will Help you to Save Money when Buying a New Car

Your car is quite possibly the second biggest investment you will ever make. For this reason, you have to make sure that you are making the best decision regarding your purchase.

Buy an Older Model

You can save a lot of money by buying a model that is no longer “trendy”. A lot of dealers will offer you a discount price when you opt for models like this and you may even be able to add a ton of gadgets too. If you are concerned about buying an older car then you can easily upgrade it by adding a new bumper or something that makes it feel a little more modern. This doesn’t cost a lot to do and you would be surprised at what a difference it can make to your buying experience. If you want to get some more tips for buying an older model, then keep an eye out for new cars being released in the automotive industry. This is when dealers will start to add discounts to their older models, in an attempt to sell them before the new stock comes in.

Buy at the End of the Month

Every single dealer out there will have some kind of sales target. They will usually be incentivised to try and sell a set amount of cars a month and this deadline will probably be at the end of the month. If you shop at this time then there is a chance that you will be able to get a better deal. If you aren’t having much luck with that then you can always visit Border City Autos. They have great deals on all year round and they even offer finance options too.

Don’t be Picky

If you are wanting to try and get some kind of bargain then this is great, but don’t expect to get your dream car at half the price. You have to be as realistic as possible, and you also need to stick to your budget as well. Of course, some cars will be much cheaper in certain colours, and this is especially the case if you are willing to give up on some of the more expensive features by buying a car that the dealer has in-stock. By doing this, you can save a small fortune and you can also save yourself months of waiting for the factory to create the car that you are after.


If you are trading in your current model of car then don’t be afraid to haggle the price. You need to make sure that you are getting a good deal and that this is putting a significant amount towards the cost of your new car as well. Of course, if you are not sure how much you are going to get for your old car then it’s worth looking up online to see if you can get an average price. This is the minimum that you should settle for. If your dealer doesn’t look to be budging, then don’t be afraid to take your business elsewhere.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Review and giveaway Uncle bubble Mega Loop

With the Easter holidays upon us we have our fingers crossed for some sunshine as you will likely be looking for ways to entertain the kids (big and small) especially if like us you have play dates and help friends out with childcare to enable each other to work through the school holidays.
There are loads of activities that suit the big kids, but not the small kids and vice versa but we have been testing out this Mega Loop from Uncle Bubble and it is fab fun for all the family of all ages from 6 up.

The kit contains a Uncle Bubble Mega Loop, a giant inflatable dipping tray and a bottle of Uncle Bubble formula, everything you need to learn,  create and have hours of fun putting yourself or a friend in a bubble. Simply use the inflatable pool/ dipping tray and fill with the Bubble formula and you are all set to make giant bubbles to fit your friends and family inside!!

We have had hours of fun and laughter creating people bubbles, large bubble doughnuts, bubble sausages and even attempted making bubble sculptures by chopping these into smaller shapes and sticking them together. It really is so simple once you have got the hang of creating the bubbles, the trick is not to make it foamy!!!

I am really looking forward to the warmer weather and getting outdoors with the kids to use this as i think it is going to be a huge favourite all summer especially at family gatherings where the kids can show off their new found tricks of putting grandma in a bubble!

For your chance of getting your hands on one of these amazing sets then simply enter below and keep your fingers crossed that you too will also be having hours of outdoor fun this summer with the Uncle Bubble Mega Loop.

Win The Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Tool #13

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Arranging the perfect social event

There are many occasions that we come together to celebrate, say farewell, or simply catch up. And these moments often bring the most precious memories to treasure so naturally you want them to be as perfect as possible. Life is so busy that these times can be precious and few so you want them to be perfect.

Many times though we can get caught up in the stress of planning an event and this impacts on the enjoyment we get out of the event itself, many hours can be spent stressing trying to find the right venue, decorations, flowers and caterers and the stress can be more so if you are intending to do the food yourself.

Although the pride you get from achieving a perfect, well executed event is great the risk of losing the enjoyment of the event is sometimes not worth the risk especially if it is a personal event you will want to remember for many years to come, so why not try to offload some of the stress and planning!

Event planners are a great way to reduce your workload and allow you to enjoy the event without the stress of planning every aspect of it, especially great for big events such as wedding celebrations. The cost involved is not always practical though so you may wish to consider maybe outsourcing part of the event planning such as the catering and bring in a catering company. For an example of a great alternative to doing it yourself visit Flavours Catering who can cater for all events big or small, business or social, so if its a small business lunch or a big social event they have it covered.

Outsourcing catering can be a huge time saver in any situations not just event planning, impress your colleagues at the board meeting, your friends at the reading group or simply a family gathering. Many companies offer a variety of packages so there should be something out there to suit every taste and dietary requirement. Enjoy the moment and the food!