Tuesday 20 November 2018

Healthy Christmas, Can It Still Be Fun?

Christmas is the favourite holiday of many families. It is, by definition, the season to be jolly. And when one knows the delicious food that appears on the Christmas table, it’s easy to understand why. From fantastic turkey-inspired dishes to decadent chocolate desserts, it’s impossible not to salivate at the idea of spending the holiday with your relatives.!

However, the season of indulgence is also the season of excess. If you’re trying to manage your weight, you know how devastating the festive holiday can be for your fitness routine! That’s precisely why it’s essential to remove the unhealthy extravaganza from the Christmas festivities. Can it still be fun if you make it healthy?

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Can you do healthy and yummy?

If you’re a meat eater, you might have noticed that the Christmas season encourages indulgence: turkey, ham, pigs in blanket, bacon and much more! Before you plan your Christmas menu, you might want to consider how your feast will affect the planet. Indeed, the consumption of meat is linked to environmental issues as a result of increased gas emissions from the livery companies. Besides, meat eaters are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. You could, instead, opt for a green Christmas with delicious vegan recipes that keep everyone satisfied. You can bring just as much excitement on the table without any the health issues! What’s not to like about it? You’ll be surprised to find a range of dishes, from pies to cookies that are all plant-based — and a lot easier to digest too.

Replace the snack excitement with fun activities

The main problem about Christmas, it’s that it naturally generates hunger. Indeed, as the aisles fill with Christmas cookies, treats, cakes and other chocolatey marvels, you’ll find that your shopping tray follows the same phenomenon. Ultimately, anyone who’s trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can tell you: the number #1 mistake is to buy junk food. The second is to eat it. Consequently, if you can shift your focus on different topics as you prepare your grocery shopping list, you can safely avoid the sugary and fatty dangers of Christmas. If you’re looking forward to eating seasonal biscuits, simply look for an alternative that takes your mind off it. Making seasonal decorations your new home project, for instance, can influence your shopping habits – less treats, more garlands! If you’re looking for fun ideas, take a look at the NetVoucherCodes.co.uk elf ideas generator. Maybe the elf on the shelf can become the cherry on top of your Christmas imaginary cake!

You don’t need alcohol to have a nice time

Every Christmas, it’s the same. Lifestyle magazines prepare a list of the best cocktails to try during the next family party, starting with the traditional eggnog and finishing with a somehow more stylish champagne drink. Ultimately, there will be a lot of family reunions during the holiday, and even more cocktails. Without wanting to be a spoilsport, do you know just how this can affect your liver? There is no good reason for indulging in alcoholic drinks, especially when you can find plenty of yummy and healthy alternatives on Babble.com. You can stop the late evening snack with a cup of warm, spiced milk, for instance. The Harry Potter inspired butterbeer is equally fun and combines cream, soda and butterscotch sauce.

Play games instead of watching TV

What will you watch on TV? Christmas is synonymous with Star Wars and Harry Potter, which both pop on our screens during the holiday. While watching TV can be relaxing, it’s something you want to avoid at all costs. Indeed, you are more likely to overeat without noticing, when you watch a film. This is even more likely if you’re stuck watching films you already know; as you get bored, you turn to food for entertainment. Instead, try to play board games with the kids, or to sit down and chat with your relatives – when was the last time you had a proper conversation with anyone?

Get the board games out

A winter wonderland stroll with the family

Last, but not least, the weather forecast has already warned us about a cold winter. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to buy a pair of warm winter boots and some thermal underwear to keep everyone warm. A snowy Christmas is a rare occasion in some regions of Britain. So it’s important to make the most of it by going outside when it happens! Turn the TV off and invite everyone for a stroll outside, this Christmas.

Enjoy a walk in the snow

Christmas is, by definition, the season of excess. From excess food to excess laziness, your body goes through a lot during the holiday. Be kind to yourself, this year, and plan a healthy Christmas.