Wednesday 14 December 2016

Maybe if i.....

Do you feel like maybe you should try to divide yourself into just a couple more pieces? Maybe it will make a difference and keep EVERYONE happy?? 

Make you feel less of a disappointment and maybe just make the mark??

Maybe if you make that all important change needed it will make EVERYONE happy??

Or is there a point where you really cant do anymore??

Every effort, every attempt to be what i thought was wanted of me disappeared into thin air, not enough, will it ever be enough??

Should the responsibility for keeping EVERYONE happy sit on my shoulders?? 

Is it my role as a mother, daughter, wife, partner, sister ??

Should i feel guilty for putting my babies first??

So many thoughts and questions

Sadly we all must feel like this i am almost positive, yet really battle with guilt at feeling like this as surely it is our duty as a mother, daughter, wife, partner, sister, to please all these people?

Is there any wonder we mums get stressed!!

I do believe we do get to a point where we all have to sit back and look at what it happening and what we need to do before it consumes us to the point of being unable to be happy ourselves. Sadly some things will not change no matter how much we try or want them too, we cannot alter someone else's intentions or beliefs or how they wish to live, if what we give is not enough can we do anymore than that?

I for one will not apologise for putting my family/ babies first, they are amazing, my life and my hope is that they will not ask these questions and feel this way. Making them happy is now my priority and i want them to be surrounded by love and positivity not stress and self-doubt.

I am looking forward to a Xmas of making my little family happy, maybe not EVERYONE but my babies and that's what is important. 

Now to find a way to loose the guilt!!

A Mum Track Mind