Tuesday 7 February 2017

Ahh and relax, wind down after bedtime

After a long day of parenting and working we all need a bit of wind down time, and in a house of two males and a girl who could rival any male in body functions it can be rather unpleasant smelling by the end of the day so not quite the ideal atmosphere for wind down!

My favourite thing to combat this is the Bolsius aromatic wax melts, mix and match the different melts to create a truly unique scent that fill the house with pleasant aromas and helps you on the way to wind down and relaxation

About Bolsius:

Renowned for creating candles for the dinner table and around the home, Bolsius is one of the world’s largest candle designers and manufacturers

Established in 1870, the company designs and retails its own exclusive candle products, as well as helping leading labels create their own branded candles.

Check out Bolsius on Instagram to see some of their stylish products and homeware tips: @bolsius.uk

Bolsius Aromatic Wax Melts

Owning a bespoke perfume has long been the hallmark of a fragrance connoisseur, but designing a signature scent for the home that utterly represents your personal style is an indulgence that has not been widely possible – until now. Perfect for the customisation-curious, AromaticWax Melts by Bolsius is a fun way to create something altogether more personal and emotive, ensuring your home smells as good as it looks. There is a library of interior fragrance ‘melts’ that you can mix, match and melt to create a home ambience that perfectly complements your mood.

Inspired by the single note fragrances popularised by master perfumers, each of the eight wax melts is infused with natural aromatics and oils. From French lavender and magnolia to exotic mango and wild cranberry, simply create your ‘recipe’, light your burner and explore a number of aromatic combinations to enjoy at home.

Bolsius aromatic wax melts are the perfect companion to a glass or two of chilled wine to help relax, unwind and enjoy those Ahhhh peace at last moments after bedtime.