Sunday 5 February 2017

Pamper nights, we so need them, featuring Skyn Iceland face gels and a Dorco Eve Razor giveaway

Ask any mum what they would love most and i am sure 90% would say, a night off and a night to pamper ourselves a bit would be amazing. de-grey, de-wrinkle, de-fuzz, and de-stress!!

For both working and stay at home mums our shift doesn't end at 5pm, often going through the night if we are having teething troubles, illness, growth spurts, or for some this is just the normal pattern, so a night to unwind, relax and let someone else take over is such a luxury. Parenting can take such a strain on our appearance and skin, i certainly have gained a few more grey hairs and wrinkles since the darlings came along! One product i have been sent to try out was Skyn ICELAND face gels - an intense 10 minute once weekly treatment packing the wrinkle-erasing power of a muscle relaxing injection, that instantly flattens expression lines you have, while preventing future ones from forming. available at M&S RRP £30

The packs feel lovely and cool on the skin when applied and offers no discomfort, and at nearly 40 any help to reduce the signs of ageing is very gratefully received, mummy lines are slowly creeping in so keeping them at bay with little cost compared to salon treatments or cosmetic surgery is a huge bonus, although i embrace getting older a little help doesn't go amiss!

I am lucky now my two are pretty good and sleep through with no issues, they may push the boundaries when getting them to bed but once there and settled they are pretty good. With a hectic work and blogging life though it seems little time is spare for much else, kids to bed laptop out. I do try to make the effort to have night of pampering every now and again though, a long soak in the bath, with loads of bubbles, actually having time to shave my legs... not such a regular occurance as it should be! I have been trying out these Dorco Eve 6 razors.

Promising some of the best razor technology around, the Dorco EVE 6 has an incredible six blades, split into a unique 3 double blade format to contour to your body shape.  The result?  No more annoying cuts or nicks on those hard to shave places like knee caps. 

The top of the range razor design includes an innovative brush finger to massage the body and raise hair follicles for a closer, smoother shave.  The moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender calms and protects even the most sensitive skin:  
Vitamin E: Anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits. Moisturises for more vibrant skin
Aloe Vera: Moisturises and soothes sensitive skin, calms allergies and skin irritation
Lavender Extract: Rejuvenates collagen to reveal younger looking skin, relieves any possible skin irritation
Other key features of the Dorco EVE 6 women’s razor:
Multi-flex pivoting head for every contour of your body
Non-slip ergonomic rubber handle to provide excellent control

You can get these delivered straight to your door, and sign up to a subscription service so never need worry about running out of blades again.

I have a set to giveaway so for your chance win simply enter below by 

Dorco Eve women's Razor