Monday 17 April 2017

Brand new episode of Kazoops review

I was sent the brand new episode of Kazoops to review, the brand new episode featured today on Cbeebies at 4.20pm if you miss it be sure to get it on catch up and see what fun Monty and Jimmy Jones get up to in the first episode of the new series.

Kazoops is all about Monty and his best friend Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. Kazoops shows that if you just use some imagination you can find some fresh new perspectives on the preconceptions of life through the eyes of a spirited boy of six.

In the brand new episode we see Monty trying to help his family with the dilemma of moving a piano upstairs to his sisters bedroom, many different ideas are discussed and attempted but dismissed as not useful, until Jimmy daydreams about a dragon lifting the piano, this prompts the family to try lifting the piano up the outside of the house and through the open window, problem solved, well done Jimmy!

Kazoops shows how imagination can help problem solve, being curious and enthusiastic helps learn new things, as well as encouraging loyalty and friendship, a wonderful, colourful, music filled show for children to help encourage imagination and problem solving.

Tune in Tuesday to see Monty and Jimmy Jones think Jeanie’s new stick insect isn’t a very interesting pet and tell her it would be much more exciting to have a lion.  But when Jeanie tells them you can’t keep wild animals in the house, Monty and Jimmy Jones question why not.  
In Wednesday’s episode Gran wants Monty and Jimmy Jones to win a painting competition, even if it means Monty not painting what he really wants to, leaving Monty wondering if it really is important to always be the winner.  
On Thursday the Kazoops take a vote on which ice-cream flavour to get from the market and Monty doesn’t want the same flavour as Gran. He begins to wonder if you can still be friends with people if you like different things.  
And in the last episode of the week Monty is surprised when Stan is too scared to go under the house to fetch a toy for him, and begins to wonder if adults get scared sometimes too. This leads him to travel to an imaginary medieval realm where he meets a Knight who’s scared of heights…

So make sure you tune in to catch some exciting adventures with Monty and Jimmy Jones.