Wednesday 21 June 2017

Spontex Mop review and giveaway

I have three storeys to my house all having some kind of laminate, lino or wooden flooring so lugging the mop and bucket around every time i clean is really a chore in itself. I was sent the Spontex mop to review and it has been a lifesaver!

No more lugging buckets of water everywhere, up and down the stairs, changing the water, up and down again, as if i don't have enough to do already.

The Spontex mop is amazing simply fill the water chamber with your cleaning fluid and water using the correct dilution instructions, spray and mop, the cloth mop can be removed and washed in the washing machine so fully reusable and are easily replaced when looking a little past their best. It is lightweight so easy to carry up and down the stairs making light work of mopping floors these days.

Quick, easy and ultra efficient: 

The Quick Spray mop is ideal for use on all types of floors! With one quick spray or even two, you can have your floors sparkling in no time. Featuring an integrated bottle that can be easily filled with just water or your usual floor cleaner, it totally removes the need for a bucket! This makes it really handy and portable for quick clean ups and upstairs cleaning. 

The integrated scrubbing strips are perfect for marks and spills whilst the non scratch scrubbing brush is designed to remove tough and dried on stains . The versatile, rotating head makes it easy to clean even the most hard to reach places.

The Spontex Quick Spray microfibre flat mop is made up of thousands of tiny fibres, so the number of contact points with the surface is greater than a standard mop making it more absorbent and ultra efficient at picking up dirt and dust. 

For best results use wet on all types of floors including tiles, laminate, wood, stone and vinyl. 

To keep it efficient for longer, machine wash up to 60°C. Do not wash with softener or bleach. 

For your chance to win one of these fab little mops simply enter below

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