Monday 12 June 2017

Taking care of delicate skin in the sun

With summer on the doorstep..yes honestly it is! we need to consider skin safety for our little darlings, i have go together with Nivea and Eucerin to bring you some products that will help keep their delicate skin safe this summer.

We know applying sun cream to kids can be tricky with lots of wriggling and running around, which is why NIVEA SUN Kids is on a mission to make parents’ lives easier with two innovative products – NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll-On and NIVEA SUN Kids Moisturising Trigger Sun Spray (both available in factor 30 and 50+). Applying sun cream is now more fun for all!

NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll-On

This clever little bottle offers highly effective sun protection wherever you go. With its easy-to-handle roll-on application, it is simple and quick to apply on your child’s skin. Its fast-absorbing, non-sticky formula makes applying sunscreen fun for kids, working immediately and ensuring reliable, highly effective UVA and UVB protection, as well as extra water-resistance for fun in the water. The innovative application transforms sunscreen application from a necessary chore into a source of entertainment for adults and children alike.

NIVEA SUN Kids Moisturising Trigger Sun Spray

This convenient trigger pump spray makes time-consuming sunscreen application a thing of the past. The spray function allows for quicker and more efficient pumping of the lotion than a regular pump spray, leaving skin protected and deeply moisturised. The non-sticky, easy absorbed and water resistant formula incorporates NIVEA SUN’s advanced protection expertise, containing highly effective UVA/UVB filters for immediate protection for all skin types.

Eucerin Sun Kids Spray SPF 50+ (RRP £19.50*)

Containing both Lichochalcone A and Glycyrrhetinic Acid, this easy to apply, non-greasy spray helps to protect children's sensitive skin against short term sunburn, and provides biological cell protection to reduce the risk of long term UV-induced skin damage. Its special formula is designed to help strengthen the skin’s own defences against the sun, whilst providing extra-water resistance to ensure protection both in and out of the water. Free from parabens, colourants and perfumes, it is clinically proven to be suitable for even atopic skin. 

It’s key to use products that are specifically formulated for the needs of children’s skin. That’s why with Eucerin Sun Kids Spray SPF 50+, you can ensure reliable and highly effective UVA and UVB protection for kids, as well as protection against High Energy Visible Light.

So whatever you do this summer make sure your little ones are protected and safe in the sun, as well as sun cream do not forget hats, sunglasses and cool clothing, try to avoid midday sun and take plenty of fluids with you wherever you go, stay safe and have a summer filled with lots of fun ans smiles.