Wednesday 12 July 2017

How do you cope with sensitive skin flare ups?

Having sensitive skin is a nightmare but if you have eczema too it can be quite an ordeal especially for young children that cannot control the urge to itch or avoid things that will cause a flare up.

As a sufferer I have managed now to control it quite well but still find at times it flares up and can be quite uncomfortable and irritating, so when I realised my eldest was also going to be a sufferer too I did sympathise and always looked out for products that would help him and avoid unnecessary flare ups.

As a small baby we used natural bath products and found that keeping bathing to a minimum helped the skin settle and avoid flare ups, as we got older we experimented with different products but found anything with a hint of perfume would set it off, and I dread to imagine the money spent on trying different creams, although in hindsight I would advise anyone with serious flare ups to visit the GP for advice and look at something on prescription.

I have recently been trying out the Mustela range for skin prone to eczema, we have tried the bath oil, bath wash and lotion, and I must say that we have had calm, flare up free skin since we started using it, it is gentle on the skin, and really does leave it feeling soft and moisturised. I must admit I have been using it too and it has left me with the softest smoothest skin, perfect timing for the summer.

Mustela has been around for over 60 years caring for babies and mothers to be, offering a unique and dermatologically based skin care range that offers a safe, effective and natural range of products.

As a mum I know how hard it can be when you are dealing with everyday baby life, so when you have an added problem like eczema it is really such a relief to find a product that actually works, those little things that add up can really make life hard for a new mum so finding a product like Mustela really makes all the difference, a happy smiley baby makes a happy smiley mummy.