Monday 24 July 2017

Puppy Surprise review

As a family that do not own pets due to allergies my daughter has the most amazing love for animals, she loves to visit our friends with pets and has a regular friend who stops outside each day to have a fuss from her and they have fast become the best of friends. Feeling just a little guilty we cannot have one of our own it was a perfect review opportunity for me when I was offered to review the Puppy Surprise toy.

How super cute are these? You get a fabulous plush puppy (Eliza, Lexi, Chloe or Stacey) with the added surprise of tiny puppies tucked up inside her pouch, the real surprise is you do not know how many puppies there are until you take a look, are there three, four or even five? These retail at £27.99 aimed at 3-6 year olds and come with a glittery collar and brushable hair and tail. An added bonus is you can also buy extra puppy packs which have their own surprise element!

My daughter was over the moon with her Puppy surprise she now had a puppy friend she can sleep with, eat with, watch TV with and even go out on bike rides with in her little basket on the bike. She absolutely loved the added surprise of finding four puppies tucked up inside the pouch, one of which even made real puppy sounds. The toy gave us the opportunity to look at how we look after babies and nurture them, as well as the element of looking at how we look after our pets by being able to groom the dog, educational as well as fun! I think this Puppy Surprise is going to be a new favourite for a long time to come.

For more information or to purchase your very own puppy surprise visit Flair plc or Smyths toys