Thursday 6 July 2017

Review - ionCURVE ic100

I have used and reviewed products from ionCURVE in the past with positive experiences of them all, so was delighted to be able to try out the new ic100 smartwatch/ activity tracker.
I tried out the ic10 smart watch at the beginning of the year and was impressed with that the quality and performance being equal to more expensive brands, so I was expecting the same and more from the updated version.

I was not disappointed, I love the sleeker look and shape of the newer model and the added extra of having the heartrate monitor and that it is water resistant for normal usage such as showering (not suitable for swimming) so I never forget to put it back on after I shower in a morning.

The ic100 is comfortable to wear and easy to operate, it linked up really easily to my phone once I installed the app, and it syncs and updates the information really quickly so can keep on track with data. Having the ability to check heart rate, steps and activity levels on the watch at a glance instead of opening up my phone is much easier and allows me to keep track at a glance and it holds a charge for seven days so no taking it on and off to charge it all the time. It also has a sleep tracker so you can keep track of your sleep quality.

Another function I have found really useful is that it alerts me to incoming calls and text messages, I am able to be alerted by vibration that I am receiving a call or message and also see who it is calling. This is great especially at work when I do not have my phone near me, it gives me peace of mind if the school try to contact me regarding the children I can see and call back immediately whereas before I wouldn't know until my break and checked my phone.

The feature of having the heart rate monitor was something I had not considered however seeing it and tracking it, I now feel it has given me some motivation to improve my health a little to bring my resting heart rate down more.

Overall I would highly recommend this watch, and again this watch more than matches the more expensive brands out there so if you are considering getting one, or have been looking at the more expensive brands I say get this, you will not regret it.

ionCURVE also do wristbands containing negative ions that boost energy levels and aid good sleep, check out there full range and shop for the ic100 here