Saturday 15 July 2017

SENSSE facial cleansing brush and exfoliator review

Do you want to get beautifully radiant and youthful looking skin? Then look no further than this amazing brush, one sides gently exfoliates and cleanses whilst the other offer an anti aging massage, two products in one device.

The SENSSE facial cleanser offers deep cleansing from the unique bristle pattern that will follow the contours of your face allowing it to reach every part of the face including hard to reach areas like the side of the nose. Each bristle is gentle and kind to your skin whilst also working deep into pores to draw out impurities and excess oils. The SENSSE facial cleanser has six intensity levels to suit all skin types and preferences. the massaging bristles on the other side fight signs of ageing.

Some great features of the brush
  • Built in timer to remind you every 15 seconds to move on to another area of the face
  • Long battery life - you get 180 uses from a single charge, easily charged using the USB cable included
  • Auto shut off - the device will turn off automatically after 3 mins of inactivity to save battery life
  • Waterproof - you can use the brush in the bath or the shower without damage
  • The brush is made of medical grade silicone so is gentle enough for all skin types with antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities
  • Advanced technology that offers a thousand pulsations per minute for gentle deep cleansing
Even as an adult I suffer with bad skin sometimes so I am always happy to try out new products that can help combat this, I naturally have oily skin so spot outbreaks are common especially if I skimp on my cleansing routines, the SENSSE facial cleansing brush was amazing, it was easy to use once charged, it felt really good whilst using it and my skin certainly felt as though it had been given a deep clean, the antiaging massage was a nice finish and felt really nice. I use the brush alongside my usual cleansing products and I must say I have seen an improvement so I think I may have finally found the winning combination in combatting my problem skin.