Tuesday 18 July 2017

SENSSE hot and cool ultrasonic facial bar review

Do you want to have a lasting radiant glow to your skin, have that summer fresh look last long after the summer...well you can with the SENSSE hot and cool facial bar. The hot and cool mode relieves skin fatigue and energises your facial muscles to brighten tired skin, this instant promotes elasticity and smoothes out those lines and wrinkles for a younger fresher look.

The hot mode has a temperature of 42 degrees centigrade which is optimal for blood circulation and for relaxing facial muscles which in turn smoothes out wrinkles, softens your skin and activates cell re-growth. the ultrasonic vibrations combined with the hot mode massage your favourite moisturiser into your face for optimal absorption and allows you to get full benefits from your product.

The cool mode uses an optimal 6 degrees Centigrade for soothing sore facial muscles and relieving skin fatigue, it reduces redness and stiffness allowing your skin to glow and look beautiful. The cool mode also closes up pores and enhances moisturizer absorption and prevent dirt and grime build up. Using the cool mode with the ultrasonic vibrations tones and firms so reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

I have been using the SENSSE hot and cool bar a couple of times a week and combined with the SENSSE facial cleansing brush I feel I have much brighter looking skin, it is less tired looking and certainly appears to be more glowing, definitely an improvement, it is easy to use simply use with your usual moisturiser to glide smoothly over the skin. I loved the heat to relax my facial muscles and can see that I could use the heat mode as a massager on tired neck and shoulder muscles too, after the relaxation of the heat the freshness the cool mode brings is awakening and can instantly feel that in the skin, I felt as though I had just had a salon facial. So along with my cleansing routine I shall be carrying on with this to keep the years from showing on my face.