Friday 18 August 2017

Dig In review and competition

Summer holidays for the kids and yes it is raining, where have the summers I remember gone. Long hot days, playing out until bedtime, no computer games, no TV, just outdoor fun. There are plenty of distractions these days to keep the kids busy when the weather is not as good but unfortunately most involve technology and screen time, this is great for the hour or so I need to get some jobs done but I really do not want them having more than that. That is why we still love table top games, on a rainy indoors day we can pass hours playing, luckily the kids love it too.

We have recently been sent Dig In to try out, Dig In is a fast paced, loud, fun and enthralling game to play where the object is to find the matching items that appear on your game card, there are 12 double sided playing cards which feature images of many different items such as an Aeroplane, Hat, Penguin, Tree, Doughnut or Guitar and there are 128 playing pieces, 38 of each item in four different colours so you need to find the coloured items that are on your card and the first to collect all 6 items wins. The box contains a Dig In bowl which you place all the items in and players are given 15 seconds to 'Dig In' and find the items they need, the box also contains a 15 second timer which times each players turn, when it stops 'times up' and play moves to the next player until everybody has had a turn, then everyone digs in with one hand until somebody completes their card and is the winner of the round (if a player is caught using two hands at the 'all in' stage then they are disqualified from play until the next round), the overall winner is the first person to win three rounds.  As mentioned the playing cards are double sided, one coloured the other grey, on the coloured side you need to collect items of the colour shown, when playing on the grey side items collected must match the picture but can be any colour.

We loved Dig In, the kids really found it funny trying to rush to find pieces in the time allowed and although there were a few moments of frustration when a piece couldn't be found it was fun and easy so they were able to set up and play with out help. The game is aimed at age 8+ but my youngest at 5 was able to join in, and to make it a little easier for her we just kept going with the timed rounds until someone filled their card to avoid the 'All In' stage where most frustration was displayed by her! Whilst fun and enthralling, this game is also brilliant for developing the hand eye coordination, working fast to spot the piece you need and nab it before it gets lost amongst all the other playing pieces. Another great family game from Drumond Park that guarantees to get everyone young and old joining in. For more information or stockists please visit

Dig In has a RRP of £19.99 however I have one to giveaway so to get your hands on this fast paced, addictive game simply enter below.

Dig In Review and Giveaway