Monday 7 August 2017

Jungle in my Pocket review

I am sure you are familiar with the 'In my Pocket ' range of toys which includes 'Kitty in my pocket' and 'Puppy in my pocket', well I have been reviewing the latest addition to the range 'Jungle in my pocket' from flairplc
'Jungle in my pocket' playset includes a treehouse which is the largest part of the set and will house all of the collectable Jungle animals, series one of the collection includes 25 animals to collect including 4 rare and one ultra one animal. Additional animals can be purchased in blind bags (£2.49), 15 piece sets or carrier sets.

The playset has a RRP of £24.99  and is suitable for 3-8 year olds, it comes with two jungle animals to start you off on your collection, they can have so much fun sliding down the waterfall or monkeying around on the swing, the animals never tire of fun and games and mischief launching bananas from the fruit launcher, but when they want to rest they can be found swinging in the leaf hammock, or in one of the nests or shelters, don't forget to reward your busy animals with some fruit snacks!

The treehouse playset was sturdy and contained lots of little features that ensured the youngest was entertained for quite a while, there were many different things to explore and play with, so she was happy to return to the playset over and over, the surprise element of what will be found inside the blind bags adds to the appeal and being able to add to and collect more animals means that it is something that will be bought out and played with over and over again so there are hours of fun to be had. The set comes with a handy check list of all the animals available in the set so just check them off your handy check list as you get them and pick out what you would like to find inside your next blind bag.