Friday 4 August 2017

Oonies Station starter pack review

Kids love balloons, the most exciting part of the party for mine is getting a balloon, and if we visit a family themed restaurant they find the balloon stand! As much as i try to avoid them, they somehow end up bobbing around in the back of the car, or being used as weapons!

Imagine how exciting the kids were then to receive the Oonies Station starter pack from character-online. RRP £19.99. The starter pack comes with everything you may need, the inflation chamber, loads of balloons, and decorations, refil packs are also available for when the kids use up all the balloons/ decorations.

Oonies are inflatable balloons that can magically stick together, you use the Oonies inflation chamber in the starter pack to inflate the balloons and they will stick together to allow you to create a whole array of creatures or creations. It is super easy and a whole lot of fun for kids of all ages, just inflate, stick together and decorate...simple. The starter kit comes with a load of decoration bits to add to your creations to make them individual and unique, if you can imagine it you can make it. Once you have made your Oonies create some cool games and challenges for your friends, throw them or simply just pop them.

Finally Balloons that keep them sitting still for a while! I think the eldest was more impressed with the starter pack and the process of inflating and sticking them together and took charge of the 'production line' As the more creative one the youngest loved adding the decorations and creating 'friends', it actually kept them entertained for quite a while as they were able to play and use their imagination to create all kind of weird and wonderful creatures, however the eldest couldn't resist popping a few of his sisters creations in 'battle'.

Oonies are suitable from age 4+ and really help develop fine motor skills in the youngsters by using the inflation chamber and carefully decorating the balloons. All whilst having tons of fun, so if you have balloon loving kids...who doesn't?...then they will love this.