Wednesday 16 August 2017

Ravensburg 3D Cinderella puzzle

Summer holidays are not always sunshine and beach days with the great British weather being as predictable as ever when it comes to school holidays, so how to fill those wet and miserable days when there is no chance of any outdoor activities to do?

Well I was sent the Ravensburg 72 piece 3D Cinderella puzzle to review, such a great way to spend a wet windy afternoon. The puzzle is suitable for ages 6-10. As my youngest is a real Disney princess fan it was very appealing to her and she couldn't wait to get started on it, being just coming up to 6 it was something we needed to do together as she would of got frustrated trying to do it on her own, but it was a great way to chill and do something together that doesn't involve racing round, being active and generally feeling exhausted by the end of it!

She loved the way the puzzle fits together to create a 3D carriage and wasn't just a flat picture, and actually wanted to keep the completed puzzle complete on her shelf, and even wanted to let her Barbie dolls ride to the ball in it!

We had a lovely afternoon just chilled out and building the puzzle together, you forget how precious those moments are as we get so caught up in busy day to day stuff and always seem to have something to do or somewhere to go we do not seem to just sit and spend time doing something simple like puzzles and board games.

I think this will be a puzzle we will redo over and over as it adds an extra element of play once built and really encourages imaginary play in my youngest as she plays out the scenes from Cinderella with her dolls and the carriage,