Friday 8 September 2017

 Bring Your Living Room To Life

A living room should be a space that you want to spend time in. For a more vibrant and exciting living space, here are some design ideas that could be worth trying out.
Get rid of tired upholstery
Bringing in new furniture will immediately liven up the room. A specialist company such as may be needed to get rid of such bulky possessions. You may be able to find places to sell a sofa or armchair, but generally people won’t pay a lot for second-hand upholstery. That said you may be able to recycle your old furniture for cash.
Splash some colour on the walls
A splash of paint on some plain white walls may help to energise the room. Consider warm colours such as yellows, oranges and light browns for encouraging a social atmosphere. If you want somewhere to relax, a cool colour such as green or blue may be more suited. Some colours such as pink or neon green could be controversial and could negatively affect the value of your home, so bear this in mind. Wallpapers can also help living up a living room, by don’t get too garish with these either.
Let in more natural light
If you’re living room feels gloomy, it could be worth adding some more light on the subject. Try to opt for more natural light for an earthy feel. If you’ve currently got thick curtains up, swap them for blinds or sash curtains. You can also use mirrors to invite more light in.
Spruce up with plants
Plants will literally bring life to the room. They’re also got many other benefits such as helping to purify air and get rid of humidity. English ivy, Aloe plants and peace lilies are great plants for your lounge. Sites such as offer some great advice on growing plants in the home.
Surround yourself with happy memories
Photographs and souvenirs can help to personalise your living room whilst also making it a happier place. Beware of cluttering every available space with photographs and ornaments however. Instead make photos a focal point. You could get a giant photograph blown up and put on the wall or even create a large collage of photos for combining lots of memories.
Show off your hobbies
You shouldn’t have to hide away your hobbies and achievements. Certain items could make a good talking point. These could include sports trophies and certificates or musical instruments or artwork that you’ve painted. Obviously, things that take up too much space might be better suited in another room such as a drum kit or a full trophy cabinet. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t display the odd momento.