Friday 19 January 2018

Flu season with Asthma

I do not think I have spoken to anyone yet this year who has not been affected by some strain of cold or flu over the Christmas period, it really does seem to be hitting hard and wiping so many people off their feet for a good week or more in some cases.
Luckily we have a pro-active GP surgery who Pre-warned patients of the forecasted flu bug which was forecast to be a nasty one! Therefore many patients got them selves that flu jab and prevented what could have been a much more serious illness, as we have seen across the country hospitals have been inundated by admissions due to serious health conditions following the flu bug. 

One thing that always worries me is how colds and flu affect my Asthma, on top of feeling lousy with a cold or flu it can be a case of feeling much worse because of breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing and of course this all restricts the quality of sleep I get so it really is a complete wipe out!
I try to keep on top of my Asthma in these winter months by ensuring I take my inhalers as and when I should, always having an adequate supply and if I do get struck down with a cold/ flu I find steam helps shift any unwanted congestion to keep airways as clear as possible, taking a daily vitamin helps give your immune system that extra boost too, every little helps. One handy tip is to wear a scarf over your mouth and nose during the cold winter months, this warms up the air you breathe in as the cold air often can set off symptoms or possibly even an asthma attack. It is important that I recognize when nothing is going to help and get in to the doctors as soon as possible to prevent further complications and illness. 

I still think Asthma is a very underestimated illness and can take you by surprise if you do not keep on top of it, proving deadly in some cases sadly.
With a little more awareness of what can cause asthma and good self care when diagnosed it is in no way restrictive of you leading a full and active lifestyle, so take on board what the doctors tell you, attend your check ups at the asthma clinic and try to make those healthy lifestyle changes that give us that boost and wellness.
My Top Tips for managing Asthma in the winter months
  • get your Flu Jab
  • take your preventor inhaler as prescribed
  • keep your reliever inhaler to hand all the time
  • identify triggers such as cold air (use a scarf)
  • keep immunity boosted with daily vitamins to prevent illness that could worsen asthma symptoms
  • seek medical advice if symptoms persist or worsen quickly