Tuesday 27 March 2018

Curbing Your Road Rage


Have you ever left the house on a Monday morning in rush hour and spent an hour just getting onto the motorway? It is a stressful situation to be in and it is only right that you will feel a little angry and irate at the people who are on the road with you.

Road rage is a more and more common occurrence as the population of the world keeps on growing. It can force us to shout at strangers and do stupid things while on the road, and can be very dangerous to us and the people around us if it gets out of hand. If you think you have some issues with road rage, then take some of this advice to help you see things more clearly.

It’s subjective

Although we couldn’t say you view the world through rose tinted glasses in this case- you do see things from a different perspective than everyone else when on the road. You will see everything in relation to yourself and if you are already in a bad mood you will see things in a much more negative light. The key to calling yourself when you are on the road is to distance yourself and look from a different point of view. If you think about it, all you need to do is get yourself from A to B. This is the only job you have on the road, and it doesn’t seem so hard does it? If you want to avoid having to pay a visit to the garage and going on Money Expert to compare insurance for your vehicle; you need to stop viewing the road through filtered eyes and look at the whole picture as an impartial party.

Everyone is different

The issue with many of us on the road is that we expect everyone to drive in the same way as we do. However, we often forget that behind the wheel of every car is a totally different person. Just because you are used to driving in a certain manner does not mean that they automatically do too. You can’t start trying to show off or shout at someone for not being exactly the same as you, because this doesn’t make any sense at all. Once you accept the fact that everyone is slightly different you will be able to finally see things in a different way. Sure, you might still get pretty angry at drivers on the roads, but you won’t act on the anger because you know that it isn’t their fault.

See the full picture

One important way to help yourself stop feeling angry is to look at the entire situation. If you are stuck behind a car who is driving 10 miles an hour lower than the speed limit, it is easy to blame them right away and be angry at them. However, they might have another small car in front of them who is slowing them down too, which means they are probably just as angry as you are with the situation. Once you are able to see the full stage of events unfolding, you will realise what is really going on and this will help you curb your emotions.

Don’t shout

The most important thing to remember when you are on the roads is to confront any issues in a calm manner. When you are on the road surrounded by strangers and an accident does occur, you don’t know who you are dealing with. There are a lot of dangerous people out there, and if you start to shout at someone they could end up hurting you. The best thing you can do to resolve a situation is to simply talk it out, exchange information and say goodbye. You will not get anywhere by letting your anger take over the situation.

There will always be bad drivers

As much as it can aggravate you to see drivers who don’t indicate or ones who switch lanes at the last minute; you will never be able to avoid them completely. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have a lot of road sense and they will be annoying to those of us who do know how to drive properly. The key is to realise that wherever you go you will always encounter these people. There’s no point getting angry over it because you will be around it often in your lifetime. The key is to ignore it and carry on with your day as normal.