Wednesday 14 March 2018

These Tactics Will Give You More Money For Fun Family Times 

Hate having to say no to the kids latest request to go somewhere fun because money is tight? You are not alone! However, it is possible to be savvier with your finances and create more for fun times with the family such as visiting theme parks, castles, and shows. Just read on to find out how.

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Create a fun budget

One way to ensure that you always have some cash in reserve for fun family outings is to create a specific fun budget. This is an amount of money from you main budget that can go into a separate account or even be taken out in cash and kept in a safe place.

What doing this does is ensures that this money doesn't get absorbed by some of the more mediocre things that you have to pay for each month like electric bills and credit cards payments. Something that means you can make sure there is also enough to go to at least one new place a month and have some family fun.

Although, it is worth noting that you do have been strict with your original budget to make this works. Otherwise, you can end up overspending because you are used to having the safety net of additional money that you have removed.

Pay off your debts

Next, to free up more money for family fun it can help to get any debts that are hanging over your head paid off. After all, wouldn't it be much more satisfying to spend that money each month on taking the kids to places like Legoland, the seaside, or to an interactive museum for a day, rather than just using it to keep the minimum payments on your loans and credit cards down?

Getting rid of debt can provide you with more money for fun in the long run.

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Of course, paying off debt didn't always easy, that is why it can be useful to get some help from things like this debt snowball app that you can access online. Debt snowballing is a way of dealing with money you owe that help you to feel you are making progress, something that in turn can help to stick you your debt repayment plan and eventually free up that extra money for days out with the kids. Although, depending on the amount of debt you have it will take time to get to this point.

Drop things you no longer use

Last but not least you can free up some money for fun family activity by taking a long hard look at the things that you pay out for each month. I'm not talking about debts and bills here but the little luxuries in life that you subscribe to or pay for regularly. Things like that afternoon coffee before you pick the kids up from school, those three movie streaming services that you hardly ever use, and that beauty box where you end up throwing half the content away.

The trick here is to be genuinely honest with yourself and see whether you need these things in your life. If you decide you don't,  then you can cancel and use the money to top up the fun budget each month, making it much easier to go out and enjoy yourself as a family on a regular basis.