Monday 14 May 2018

Googly Fruit Organic kids snack range review

I have been really lucky with my two little ones they have both been great fruit and veg eaters from babies, and often found picking up salad and veg sticks over crisps! 

I have never been over pushy or over strict with their diet, they have always had treats but they are just that...a treat, we have balanced meals with a chippy tea now and then and who can say no to pizza, but I have always ensured they had salad or veg with every meal. I completely get I am lucky and it's not 100% down to my influence they are this way. I do however think perhaps because I never offered alternatives, they had what I gave and that was it, and as a parent you get to learn what they dislike and avoid it. 

We were recently sent a selection of fruit and veg based kids snacks to try out from googly fruit, well I made the mistake of opening the box when both kids had play dates around, within minutes they had worked their way through 80% of the box so forgive the lack of pictures!!
I do think that speaks for itself though in how appealing and obviously tasty the snacks were.
The pack included crunchy puffs, which are coated in carrot powder and a touch of sunflower oil for a delicious crunch snack, freeze dried fruit crisps like strawberries, banana & raspberry and  apple & blueberries, smooth fruit and veg squeezy pouches including apple, sweet potato and clementine or apple, pear, carrot and pumpkin, all organic and full of goodness.

These products are colourfully packaged with a fun, googly eyed fruit focus which will appeal to most children making it alot easier to tempt them to eat and judging by my little ones response it will be a hit once they taste them, definitely helping get their 5 a day in!!

The kids loved the activity pack that came with the snacks and enjoyed creating their very own fruit friends, the pack also contained a colourful 'learn your ABC's with your googly fruit friends' book which is full of colourful healthy foods for all the letters of the alphabet, ideal for young toddlers and preschoolers. Googly Fruits have really created a product range that is not only healthy but most importantly fun and appealing to the kids, making mum's job in getting in the 5 a day just that little bit easier, well done Googly Fruit. Head on over to their website for some fun activities and more info on the great product range.