Sunday 24 June 2018

FIFA world cup footy puzzle balls from Ravensburger

It is really hard to miss the fact that the world cup is in full swing, I hear the groans of football widows, the shouts from the local pub and even the kids have been discussing it at school.
While I am not a huge football fan I do enjoy the atmosphere and suspense of the game especially the world cup when it gets to the nerve wracking finals. 

Like most boys my eldest is very sporty he loves his football and his rugby and has become a keen Liverpool supporter. When we were sent these fab puzzle balls to review which coincide with the world cup he loved them, and the alternative shape and design of them really appealed too, something more 3D instead of the usual flat jigsaw designs. 

The three puzzles he was sent represented three different world cups so were all slightly different ball designs to show the ball design of that year. Each puzzle was 54 piece and there were numbers on the back of each plastic piece to help guide the direction and build of the puzzle. The age guide was 7+ and the puzzle measured 7cm in diameter once complete. Each piece felt sturdy and strong especially important in building a 3D shape, being plastic they did not bend or get squashed as he tried to put the pieces together. 

The puzzle was not too difficult and actually having the numbered pieces made it easy for him to follow and do independently. Not being too big it was an ideal size for him to complete with little help and he was able to sit it on the shelf once complete. These were a great pass time that would catch the interest of any little football fan and a great way to keep them occupied without relying on screen time too much, win win.