Friday 12 October 2018

Smart Money Tips That Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals 

We all have goals for our lives, ones that make them meaningful and help us to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning, even when its cold and wet out! Which it seems to be a lot of the time lately! However, what if I was to tell you that you could get closer to achieving your goals by being a little smarter with your money. You’d probably want to know more, right? Well, read on to get the lowdown.

If your goal is to see the world

Travelling the world may seem well out of reach, especially if you are scrabbling around for tomorrow's bus fare! However, there are some smart tactics that can help you achieve this goal. One is to get super good at finding bargain flights and hotels online. A topic you can get some more information from at, and something that can cut the cost of taking your family overseas for a holiday in half.

The other, however, is a little more extreme, but still totally viable. It's all about finding a job that you can do remotely, as then it doesn't matter whether you work in your living room or on a far-flung beach! In fact, with a whole network of digital nomads already living this lifestyle, and many employers now offering a remote working option, if you dare to go for it, you might just find it a lot easier than you think.

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If your goal is to open a business

If your goal is to open a business, you may think that you need to spend years saving to build enough capital to do so. Although, this may not be the case if you can secure funding in another way.

One method of doing this is to find someone to invest in your business idea for shares in your company, a tactic that can be mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Another is to go sites like and use them to source a loan to fund your business. Something that can help you find enough money to set things up and then allow you to pay them back once things have gained momentum.

If your goal is to be financially independent

Lastly, there is a great deal of talk about being financially independent and taking early retirement (FIRE) these days. A path that means you no longer have to work but can still live the life that you want. Now, this may seem like an impossibility, but if you follow the advice on FIRE like the info you will find at, you may be able to retire a lot sooner than you think.

Of course, you will need to make some pretty hefty changes to the way you spend, save, and invest to be successful at this. In fact, most FIRE systems require around 50-55% of your salary to be saved to bring your time to retirement down to a reasonable level. Something that is possible, but can be a bit of a challenge for folks that are used to spending all of their disposable income, and have a family to support at the same time as well.