Friday 18 January 2019

4 Bright Ideas That'll Cut The Running Costs Of Your Car


Cars are essential for many people who live busy lives rushing to and from work, school, and dropping the kids off wherever they need to be. As a result, your car quickly becomes one of the most expensive things in your life. If you’re not careful, it’ll drain your family finances and leave you in a sticky situation.

But, with these bright ideas, you can cut the running costs of your car with ease:

Actually buy a car with good MPG

MPG basically refers to how far your car can travel on one gallon of fuel. The lower the number, the more often you need to fill your car up. Naturally, this costs a lot of money! So, buy a car that has an impressive MPG figure. Something like the new Mercedes AMG CLA Class has a very handy 40.9 MPG, and anything above 30 is usually considered good. Or, you could ultimately go to the extreme and buy an electric vehicle - but then you have to charge it, which isn’t as expensive but can be a pain to find charging ports. Sell your old car if it’s a gas guzzler, and buy something far more economical with good MPG figures.

Drive properly and be safe

Don’t go around speeding way over the limit in your car. And don’t do things to it that will eventually cause it harm. Drive properly, and your car will reward you by staying in tip-top shape. This limits the cost of repairs and servicing, which can save you an absolute fortune over time. Also, if you drive safely, it will prevent any accidents. As a result, you could lower the costs of insurance and save money per year.

Follow the maintenance guide

All cars have a maintenance guide that you need to follow. Mainly, this includes adjusting the tyre pressure, changing the oil, and so on. If you do these tasks, you’ll prevent damages from happening - which will cost money to repair. Plus, with tyre pressure especially, you can help your car run more efficiently as well. It’ll take less effort for the engine to move your vehicle along when it’s on adequately blown up tyres!

Start limiting how much you drive

Clearly, you can’t avoid driving from time to time. But, think about all the journeys you do and ask yourself; do I really need the car? Instead of dropping your child off at their friend's house five minutes away, walk them there - or make them walk or cycle if they’re old enough. Take the train to work for two or three days per week - that'll help reduce the amount you spend on fuel! By limiting your driving hours, your car will last longer between fuel top-ups. It’ll amaze you how much you can save by doing this.

Don’t let your car cost more than it has to! Follow this guidance, and you’ll soon lower the running costs. If you want more money-saving advice, then check out my guide on reducing your monthly expenses. It covers everything from holidays to regular grocery shopping - and everything in between.