Tuesday 19 February 2019

Tiny Toes review

This last week we have been having lots of fun and giggles with these new Tiny Toes interactive dolls from Flair Plc, the dolls are tiny enough to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. With the huge popularity of other small dolls on the market it is great to see some that actually do something and encourage interaction from children.

Simply tickle the Teenie Tiny Toes and bring them to life, they love to sing, play games, giggle and a whole lot more, measuring 11cm they are perfect to fit in the palm of your hand or pop in a back pack to bring out on long journeys or visits to relatives, and i am sure the whole family will love the cute little dolls and want to try out ways to interact and get a response. Each doll has 7 sensors that react to touch motion and light but tickle them in the wrong place and you may get a funny response. 

Bring the dolls to life and hear them talk, giggle, blow kisses, sleep, you can even play peek a boo! But the wrong touch could create a burp or worse!! Which is sure to bring the biggest giggles from the kids.

There are three dolls in the collection, Ticklish Tess, Gigglin' Gabby and Laughin' Luna, all retail at £14.99, we had hours of fun with these dolls as they are so easy to play with and the responses always get a giggle from the kids, my daughter absolutely loved the interactive element of these dolls and is still at the age where she likes to take toys out and about when we go visiting family or even just in the car on the way to shopping and these dolls have become her go to toy for that as she can pop then in her bag and away we go, and even tho my eldest is way too cool for girls toys he still could be heard having a giggle as he tried out all the different sensors and responses.