Tuesday 9 July 2019

Kitchens Upgraded

Not every home is lucky enough to have a kitchen large enough to incorporate an island or even a table in the middle of it, but when you spend so much time in one place preparing food for your family, you deserve a great kitchen.

In this blog we’re exploring how even the smallest space can be made over to look and feel more spacious with some clever tips and tricks.

Image courtesy of Pexels


This might not be the place you’d start but some modern flooring can transform how a kitchen looks and feels. If you’ve got some tatty laminate or vinyl underfoot think about how some tiles, wood or new laminate might look. There are some great kitchen flooring trends out there that are well worth spending some time exploring and the great news is that as you only have a small space, it’s not going to cost you the earth. Get rid of that grimy, dark surface and add a touch of luxury under your feet.

Clever Cupboards

One major drawback of a smaller kitchen is the lack of storage. If you’re looking at ways to maximise your cupboard space then make sure that every cupboard is well used. There are several ways to do this, first have a good clear out. There are bound to be ancient pots and pans that are no longer any good, be ruthless.

Secondly, relocate the washing machine. If you’ve got an outside storage space, or room under the stairs, then think about moving the washing machine out from the kitchen. You’ll be able to place movable storage in the space or build a new cupboard into it.

Consider hanging items from the ceiling, it not only looks like a bohemian country cottage it will free up a lot of room in your cupboard. Kitchen utensils such as ricers, mashers and whisks can all find a home off ground while pans can be also be hung from the wall.

Create Space And Light

Think about installing a mirrored splashback along your wall to create a feeling of space and room. If your kitchen has its own roof then a skylight can transform the feel of the room taking it from a dark space and flooding it with light.

By keeping your kitchen scheme simple and with lighter coloured cupboards your kitchen might be small but it doesn’t have to feel it.

Kitchens are often the last places in the house to get a makeover. It can be a costly and disruptive process and one that takes some time. But with a simple change in cupboard colour, some new lighter, more modern flooring and some smart storage ideas you can transform your small space. Find some great spots to hang utensils that are practical and keep them out of drawers and cupboards.

Add light with a skylight and the illusion of more room and you’ll love spending time in your modern country kitchen, creating meals for your family members and guests alike.