Tuesday 17 September 2019

What Car is Right For Your Family?

Pexels - CC0 License

When purchasing a new vehicle, there are many variables that run through your mind. In fact, we have recently published a post that discusses this at length, and should help anyone semi-interested in gaining the best automotive deal ask a set of worthwhile questions to this end. However, once you have answered these questions and have found some answers, what is next?

Well, within those parameters, finding out which car might be most suitable for your family is a worthwhile sticking point. Of course, you may save money on a smaller hatchback, but does that mean you can never bring a guest or other member of the family with you on a road trip if the car is also occupying your family members? How about the purpose you wish to use it for? Additionally, how do you know what standard of car to purchase, as any decision we must make going forward is almost always bound by a discerning financial choice.

For that and more, please consider our advice. We can only hope it helps:


What do you hope to use the car for? Do you hope to use it to carry materials related to your business while also embarking on the school run? Do you run a smallholding and need power enough to drive a trailer with potential farmyard animals inside? Do you need great fuel economy, or perhaps the ability to use a specialty car seat for a child with a learning disability? The variables here are numerous, so it’s essential to write down what is the most important factor for you and to make a decision from there, slowly ticking off the priorities as you head down the list.


What is within the best financial wheelhouse for your family? Could it be that with Martin Brothers’ Motor Company you are able to get the best finance deal on your vehicle? How about the potential maintenance cost, have you found out through owner’s clubs online that your vehicle isn’t quite as feasible as first predicted? It may be that you wish for a car that can use replacement parts from many worthwhile vendors, rather than overpriced proprietary models. With this in mind, you can make a more informed decision.


To further our smallholding example from before, considering your mainline driving environment is essential. Do you live on winding rural roads, facing tractors and other farm machinery in front of you from time to time? Do you need good road traction and 4x4 wheel drive? Or do you live in the comfort of suburbia, giving you the space for a hatchback? How much additional driveway space do you have? What fuel economy are you looking for, and have you thought about your environmental impact that wy? It’s these decisions that can help you become a much better and more ethical driver, but also find the right solution for you.

With this advice, you’re sure to find the best car for your family.