Monday 1 August 2022

Home Maintenance Tips to Improve its Market Value

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Whether you are selling your home in the near future or you want to increase its value while you live there, you can do this easily with the maintenance tips below. Maintaining your home and adding value to it is the perfect way to combine a commercial mindset with the practical realities of everyday life. 

Structural Issues 

Over time a property can become less structurally stable due to changes in the gradient of the land; you might notice some cracks appearing in the walls and floors, and sometimes a door doesn’t fit into the door frame very easily. These are all subsidence issues that need attention. 

Maintaining the structural integrity of your house is vital to its long-term survival, as well as the market price you get for it when it’s sold. Unfortunately, structural maintenance is not something you can take care of on your own; you need to contact a professional agency to treat the issue.   

Heating System 

Many older properties don’t have central heating systems, so this is a very easy way to upgrade the home and increase its market value, but why stop there? Think about selling the home in the future when energy demands will be different from what they are nowadays; think eco-friendly. 

Instead of installing a fossil fuel-powered boiler, you could install a bio-mass boiler which will increase the price of the property even further, not to mention it is better for the environment while you stay there. A bio-mass boiler uses a sustainable system of woodchips to create heat.   

Drains and Gutters 

Many people don’t treat or clean their drains and gutters until it is absolutely necessary, then they hire an expensive emergency service because it seems like the only way to get things back up and running. In reality, a property can be maintained more easily with short-term attention.

All you have to do is hire a drain cleaning service once a year to ensure there are no blockages in the system or bad smells and matter that could attract pests during the summer. Gutters are easier and less expensive; you can clean your gutters by yourself using ladders and gloves.  

Outdoor Railings 

Outdoor railing s are an excellent way to ring-fence your garden area or create supporting infrastructure for older people - especially at the front door. Not only that, the outdoor railing can add value to your property because it gives buyers another feature to support their investment. 

If you have some building skills, you might be able to install railings on the outside of your property, but if you don’t, you will probably have to contact a professional service and make a booking. When you do, ask them about  Self Colour Key Clamp Fittings to enhance the home. 

Home Upgrades

One way to upgrade your property is to consider its age and whether you can add any instant value to it simply by installing a new system here or some new features there. The other way to upgrade the home is to install new home upgrades such as a garden room or a glass house. 

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular and will always draw attention from buyers when you go to sell the home. A garden room is an outdoor space with some comfortable seating and windows used for reading and relaxing. Glass houses are also an excellent idea. 

Plumbing System 

One of the jobs you should carry out when you move into a property is to check and update the plumbing system. The plumbing system runs throughout the property and is not an easy thing to upgrade, but worn piping can create major problems in the winter and for any future residents. 

At the first opportunity, hire a plumbing service to check the system and advise on its age and condition; once you know its overall status, you can start making long-term plans to upgrade different sections of it and gradually increase the value of your property while you live there.

Energy Sustainability 

Nowadays, energy sustainability is a primary concern for new buyers who are interested in lower energy costs and protecting the environment. There’s good news; it’s relatively easy to cater to these buyers simply by changing to renewable and upgrading your lighting to LEDs.

Energy sustainability doesn’t have to stop there; you can also install a biomass boiler - very advantageous - and smokeless wood-burning stoves that use sustainable wood fuel sources. All of this adds up to a sustainable home in the eyes of potential buyers and boost property prices.