Wednesday 30 November 2022

How To Help Lower Energy Bills This Winter In The Home

With the cost of living crisis in full swing, everyone’s feeling the pinch now more than ever before. As this period of time is not showing any signs of getting better in the near future, it’s important to do what you can to help lower energy bills this winter.

As these next few months are likely to be challenging for some, here are some helpful tips to lower energy bills this winter in the home.

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Limit the time that the gas is used

When it comes to the gas used in the home, try to limit the time that’s used, opting to keep it on for around an hour or so and then switching it off. It’s best to just try and use it in order to take the chill off the space and ideally, isolating it to certain rooms only might be a good way of saving some money.

Putting a timer on the gas usage can help to reduce the amount used in general and hopefully, that’ll lower the cost of the energy bills each month.

Keep lights off unless necessary

Lights that are being left on around the home are unnecessary and should be switched off immediately. When a room is not in use, make sure all household members know to switch off their lights and to keep them off unless it’s needed.

On some days, it might be lighter in the day and light enough that the lights don’t need to be on until the evening. Refrain from keeping the lights on for long periods of time to help save money.

Get the boiler serviced

The boiler is the heart of the home and without that boiler, chaos is likely to ensue. With that in mind, it’s worth getting the boiler serviced regularly. An annual serving can make a big difference and can often catch problems a lot sooner than only getting the boiler looked at every few years.

As the boiler gets older, a visit from the likes of Shropshire Gas might be needed even more so.

Purchase draught excluders to keep in the heat

Draught excluders are a great way of helping keep in the heat. If the home tends to lose a lot of its heat during the day or evening, then it’s worthwhile having draught excluders put in.

These are relatively cheap to buy or if you have a few talents in the DIY department, then they can be made from scratch. All you’ll need is the insulation, something to add weight, and decorative fabric to wrap it in.

Utilise the benefits of hot water bottles

Hot water bottles have become saviours for those that are feeling the cold now more than ever before. Incorporate some hot water bottles into the bed during the evening and under the throw when curling up in front of the sofa.

Lowering energy bills can help keep the worry of debt and not having enough money in the bank account for food and other living supplies, away.