Monday 8 August 2016

The joys of shopping

I love shopping or so I thought until the darlings came along!!!
Now it's nothing less than torture, its like a trigger for them to go wild, run wild in the aisle, tantrums like you've never seen, and if your really lucky cause a complete lock down of the shop when you can't find the the little angels, oh the embarrassment when you have to ask for help to find your child.
And how much extra it costs as you try to bribe them to behave with every sweet and dvd that gets put into the trolley as you hope it's the one thing to make them behave.
Also not forgetting the 'looks' from other shoppers, all who obviously have had perfect children who never played up or caused mayhem in the local Tesco store.
Thank god for online shopping I say these days!!!

I think it's quite clear though why they put the alcohol aisle as the last aisle, very clever really because if you do not need a drink when you get to that point you must have the patience of a saint or a golden child!!! All thoughts of shopping budget go out the window at that point and you scour the aisle for the bottle with highest alcohol content, preparing to do battle with anyone who dares come near. That knowledge that you have that baby to crack open later offers some relief, albeit temporarily as this is the point you have the checkout meltdown, and yes that's usually me not the kids by now. 
So along with peeing in peace, sleeping alone (and for a whole night), showering without having every stretch mark, scar and wobbly bit scrutinised, shopping alone is one of the joys of parenting you never know about until it happens, it's like a mini holiday. Cherish those moments guys 🙃