Friday 2 June 2017

Welcome to Mums Wine HQ - A little bit about me

Hi and welcome to Mums Wine HQ, here is a little bit about me, who i am, a face to an email or article, so where to start..

I am Lorna, Mum of two, living in North Wales, i work as a Pre-school Manager since having my second previous to that i was a care home Manager. I started blogging as a hobby to fill the gap that was left after spending three years studying and gaining the appropriate qualifications for my new role. I had become used to writing and found i enjoyed creating pieces of work so felt it was a natural step.

So Why Mums Wine HQ...well that was easy as my house is the place we mums get together and put the world to right over a bottle or two (maybe more if its not a school night!)

Well after two children, surprisingly i am still sane (questionable by some, especially the other half) my secret of getting through the day.... wine o clock, just knowing it is waiting there at the end of each day.... well not the end, and certainly a lot earlier than it was.. but hey whatever it takes to survive!!!

My Blog is intended to face all parenting challenges with a touch of humour, explore the beautiful place we live and record the adventures we face as a family during days out and holidays which we love, to offer advice from experiences both at home and work (looking at the Early Years education), reviewing family related products and featuring articles relevant to parenting and Lifestyle.

So That's me, i hope you enjoy the blog.   Lorna xx