Wednesday 21 September 2016

Weekend hospital

Well what a weekend we have had, all good and chilled, couple of wine nights planned with the girls.
Should of known really that it was expecting too much to arrange two nights of normal conversation, gossip, and a good old moan with the girlies....i mean who gets this kind of luxury without a price!!!!
Anyway bit of a lie in Saturday morning and the youngest comes and  complains of a tummy ache, when insists it is not bowel related as lets face it with kids most things revolve around bowels and bodily functions, we investigate and discover swelling in her groin... Ok, its a weekend, surgery is closed, lets phone out of hours, no guarantee a doctor is available at local cottage hospital so phone NHS Direct...30 mins to get thru then another hour for a call back.
We are advised to see out of hours GP, so back to beginning, off we go to the local cottage hospital and take the chance of a doctor being around. 
Luckily yes she was, however quite unsure of what the swelling could be we were sent on our merry way to closest general hospital.. Hour and half away, off we go, arrive late on now, but get settled, 24 hrs on still not sure what the swelling is so off we go to children's now i am exhausted from little sleep, youngest is hungry as been nil by mouth for over 24 hrs as well as dealing with the swelling and pain poor mite.
Wow what a difference within three hours she is in theatre, being treated and can honestly say what an amazing team, every member of staff had the time to speak to not only me but address little one too, nothing too much trouble and we were soon sorted settled and looked after well.
Children and anaesthetic... Quite comical if your not cringing at whats coming out of their angelic mouth's....out of theatre and into recovery room, the staff thought it would be nice for mummy to go down to offer comfort and support as darling girl i was walking down the corridor i could hear the screams as shouting...of course i recognised the angel 👼 so in i go to her stark naked kicking and screaming at anyone that was brave enough to get close, like some wild animal, dressings ripped off, bandages off, 'oh darling lets calm down' in best mummy voice .....Nooooo screams back at me, follows by more demands and kicks and punches... So off we go through the corridors fighting a naked 4 year old. Back on the ward its the middle of the night now and she's demanding the nurses leave her alone and go fetch her juice..NOW!!!! Promptly followed by her lying down and spark out til 8am, one saving grace there were no swear words!!
Although we waited and seemed an age to get to bottom of problem i cannot fault the care we received.
Two days later back home we are trying to keep her from doing anything right like that's not a challenge... She could give Mo Farah a run for his money the speed she travels!!
So i guess i am owed at least one wine night for the stress....even dare i chance rearranging both🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷