Saturday 24 September 2016

Parenting pet hates

I think i have got a lot more chilled out about a lot of things since having kids but likewise i discovered some things that really make me twitch and bring out the most unreasonable thoughts ever!! Who would think i could want to gouge someone's eyes out just for looking at my child with slight irritation as they throw yet another tantrum.

So here is my list of the situations i am most likely to turn from super mum into Godzilla

Child Parking bays - ok so already i feel slightly twitchy just thinking about it, i am like car park police as soon as we enter, who's parked there, Do they have a child seat/ booster, and NO having your 30 year old does not count!!!! I have perfected the stare of death for those that blatantly pull up, jump out, evidently with no kids. I would happily sit and block these people in....

Smoking in cars, with kids - slightly less now the ban is in place.  but what kind of stupid moron smokes in an enclosed space with a child need to say more ...

That good advice when your child is acting like devil spawn - ooh have you tried.. Do you think he's tired? Maybe you not think at some point or other I've tried every damn one!!! My child is just being a child...admittedly not the cute cuddly type..

Pushy parents - please for gods sake let your child be a child, is it going to impact greatly on his life that he was the first to walk, talk, recite bloody Shakespeare!!! No its not at some point he will be the same as everyone else's child, and I've yet to attend an interview where they ask at what age i learnt the alphabet!!!!

Restaurants that advertise as family restaurants that clearly are not child friendly - so yey lets eat here it says families welcome....the minute your child raises his voice the stares begin...not from the other customers but the owners/ staff...oh and do not dare raise even one butt cheek off the seat kids!!! Now in this situation i can be quite irrational as i do get hangry. If am hungry and you piss me off i want to stab you to death with my fork!!!!

The need to justify why your a working mum/ stay at home mum - whatever we decide its our personal reason, should we really have to justify to each other, and sadly its fellow mums mostly, why we made the choice we did, my family, my choice, butt out!!!

The list could go on for sure and would love to hear yours, so feel free to add a comment. 💖