Tuesday 15 November 2016

Love hate parenting

Obviously we love and cherish our little darlings and would never really swap them for a luxury holiday in the Maldives...a show home house...lie ins til lunch every weekend.. Hmm really i wouldn't.
Since staring the road of parenthood there are certainly things i cherish i never even gave a second thought to before as well as things that make me turn into Mumzilla that really who cared about before.
Here's my list of love and hates since parenthood
1. Having a day off in the week..heaven..its like a taster of life before, when i can watch back to back episodes of the latest series on Netflix...after doing the cleaning of course.
2. Managing to use the toilet in peace...no screams, no wood splintering as the door get kicked in..just you...one of life's simple pleasures
3. Online shopping....because the thought of another supermarket tantrum is enough to set off the hives!!
4. Netflix...... Thank you for those back to back paw patrol episodes, for those moments life is just too hard to deal with and you need to walk away for 5 mins
5. Bed...oh how i love my bed and spend more hours of the day thinking how early i can get in it...to sleep...than i probably spend thinking of anything else.
1. Noisy eating... It drives me mad, it makes me irrational, it makes me want to lock the kids in the under stairs cupboard at meal times...
2. Netflix...double edged sword this one...its a life saver but also watching back to back Max and Ruby... I lose the will to live..
3. Happy morning people...how the hell can you be happy when you've done battle with a 4 year old since the minute you woke... So why should anyone else.
4. Daddy... Yes i know poor Daddy ...but he drives me up the wall in a million ways that would take a years worth of blog posts to cover... But he does redeem himself...sometimes.
5. Parents that have got it together.....i used to think wow your a really good parent, i will be like you, ha ha ha ha ha ha now i resent you, i really do not like you!!!
So that's my top loves and hates....any to add????