Monday 14 November 2016

SHIT it's nearly less than 6 weeks!!

Up to now i have avoided much to do with Xmas but now i am thinking SHIT its nearly Xmas...6 weeks how did that happen!!!

I will admit the first thing on my list was to make the Xmas cake, good old Delia!!! but with my own little added twist of Winter Jack Daniels, smells lush and of course the odd glass for me was most def a bonus

Next the dreaded present hunt!! What do you buy the the kids who seem to have everything already, not only struggling to make my own list but all the family to give ideas to as well,,,arghhh...... stress levels building already!!
This year we are keeping it simple after recently moving all the toys into the converted cellar/ playroom we realised half of last years presents have barely been touched so why add to that pile, and luckily they still are too young to want the latest game console etc. We will see...i know i will end up getting just that one more thing...but shhhhh don't tell Daddy!!!!

Not only do i have to think of my kids there are the 30 kids at playschool to plan activities for, Xmas songs, Xmas Fayre, phew tired just thinking of it, but it really is the best job at this time of year to share the magic of Xmas all day with all the kids and get to do some lovely crafts and have a party !! 

We are staying home this year so i am planning lots of fine wine and alcohol, my meat order from the butchers, fresh veg hamper, obviously lots more fine wine and alcohol, make a trifle (sherry) to go with THE cake, some more fine wine and alcohol and possibly might just spend the whole day in my new Xmas pyjamas...hint hint...

When to put the decorations up??? I say 1st Dec Daddy says 15th....bah humbug, I think the children will get casting vote and I suspect they will join team Mummy, I love the new twinklies and cant wait to see the new additions to the decorations up, again shhh...don't tell Daddy!!!

As for my Xmas list, it's really not that long, i could say health and happiness to all is all i want, but stuff that... it better be shinier than my new twinklies is all can say............................