Friday 4 November 2016

Review and Give away - Crazy Claw game - a must for all arcade game lovers

We have just spent a week on holiday with the kids and we always find ourselves passing time in the arcades waiting for restaurants to open or shows to start, the one games machine that always attracts the eldest is the grabber games, he would spend a small fortune in an attempt to get the latest teddy craze. So you can imagine his excitement when  i received the Crazy claw game to review from Drumond Park

So this is how it works, suitable for age 5 and up (rrp £22.99) for 2-4 players it is an action packed game of bouncing balls and grabbing claws, each child taking turns to operate it. All players get involved from the start by manipulating the paddles to keep the balls bouncing and bubbling around while the Clawmaster attempts to capture a ball with the claw. The Clawmaster then has the excitement of opening up the ball to see if it contains a token matching one of the toys on his players card.

The cube shaped Crazy Claw box is a scaled down version of the real thing with four see through side walls, and four paddles, one on each side which are fitted into a sturdy base, each player takes a collection card and the youngest player goes first taking control of the grabber, the other players pound the paddles to make the balls bounce and dance in all directions. So while all this frenzied action is going on can the Clawmaster keep his cool and grab a ball?  Then there is more anticipation as the ball is opened to reveal if the token matches one of the pictures on your collection card, if so the token is placed on your card and the empty ball is placed back in the cube, if you do not have a match then the token is put back in the ball and returned to the cube. Here is where eagle eyed players can get ahead by remembering the colour of the ball that revealed a token they need and following that ball round the cube until it is their turn to grab that ball.
The winner is the player that matches all three pictures with the matching tokens they catch in the balls, until that point players keep taking turns to catch the balls while fellow players make them bounce and dance, a frenzied fun packed game sure to keep all ages entertained over the Christmas period, it sure has kept us all entertained on a dull grey Sunday afternoon.

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