Saturday 26 November 2016

Review ionCURVE wristband

One thing that continues to be an issue for me since the months of night feeds is broken sleep, not because i have children that do not sleep, quite the opposite the youngest is a nightmare if doesn't get her 12 hrs a night! I just cannot seem to switch off or i wake at the slightest thing and find it really difficult to drop back off again thanks the stresses of parenthood. all those unimportant things that barely mattered pre-children now cause many a sleepless night as well as anxiety and stress.

For the last couple of weeks i have bee trying out the ionCURVE wristband. ionCURVE wristbands are silicone moulded, tourmaline infused bands. They give off up to 2000cm³ of Negative ions which have a host of lifestyle, medicinal and psychological benefits. Each band is carefully checked to ensure it carries the correct amount of tourmaline to give all the amazing effects to the wearer.

Negative-ions are harmless, odourless, tasteless and invisible molecules. once they reach our bloodstream they produce bio-chemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical Seratonin, this chemical helps to alleviate depression, stress and boosts 'daytime energy'. It is reccommended you wear your band 24 hrs a day for maximum benefit, they are fully waterproof so can shower, swim and exercise with no concerns.

ionCURVE are proud to announce a new partnership with a leading UK Breast Cancer Awareness charity - The Pink Ribbon Foundation 
ionCURVE are manufacturing and selling a new pink styled band for the Foundation with a generous donation to the charity for every band sold. You can now purchase this exclusive band from the 'ionCURVE shop' and help this excellent charity continue their important work to fight breast cancer. as well as the pink ribbon foundation ionCURVE are also in partnership with the blue ribbon foundation, the Blue Ribbon Foundation is a brand new project set up to mirror the work of the PRF, except to concentrate on the types of cancer which affect men. All the great work of the PRF is to be found in their BRF brothers - and ionCURVE support both with their new wristbands.

Bands retail at £9.99 for further information or to purchase visit

It may be a coincidence but i have found sleep has improved since i started to wear the wristband, and its reported that the longer you wear it the better the health benefits, so i will definitely be continuing to wear mine and look forward to more benefits from the ionCURVE wristband