Monday 28 November 2016

Should mums just give up the fight to organise the household and stop being Bad Parent??

I am the first to admit i like order, l  like to know where things are, when things will be done, feel assured they are done properly and how things are going to happen, nag for things to get obviously i am Bad Parent!!!

I acknowledge there is a lot more equality in relationships and parenting these days but ultimately i feel if i do not organise the household things do not get done....properly or on time, that's not saying Daddy does nothing, he does, and he does more hands on stuff with the kids than i lies the problem....again this makes me Bad Parent!!!

Whilst i am busy keeping house, wiping dirty faces, cooking meals, organising school bags, PE kits, swimming bags, hanging washing....daddy is wrestling on the floor, playing football, riding bikes, giving the extra bedtime story regardless of routine/ time....being Good Parent!!!

Tonight i was told by my eldest he thinks Daddy loves them more because Daddy does more fun things with them....and they love Daddy more for the same reason....OK..... that is really good to hear....NOT. Out of the mouths of babes as they say!!

SO is it all really worth it, they do not see the things i do to make life easier and less stressful for us all, i am just boring, naggy mummy. How much do those things matter if the kids only remember Daddy being the fun guy, should i say stuff it lets leave those jobs and have some fun???

I know they are only small for a while and i think we have made sacrifices to allow us to have a good family life, we took a big cut in income to allow me to be home more, we have not moved to allow us to keep mortgage payments low to allow us to have family holidays, days out, not struggle too much at xmas/ that enough for the kids though ??

Ultimately yes i would love to say stuff it lets leave things and have endless fun filled days but realistically what would happen when there were no clean clothes, no healthy meals cooked, no routine or structure to give balance to the fun and as much as i would love to it looks like my role is set..............Bad Parent!!!!!