Monday 5 December 2016

Rollercoaster December

This is such an exhausting month and as well as the increase in work, in preparation, in keeping everyone happy there is the emotional stress too, have i got enough money to cover this? Will everyone be happy, how can i split myself in a million pieces to do it all and be everywhere?

I find myself high on Xmas spirit ...and not the brandy!! Loving the Xmas songs and imagining the kids little faces Xmas morning......and the next minute crying i have not got enough time, tired from all the extra planning and prep... I get so annoyed when i get really stressed i  cry...not because i am sad it just happens, outlet of emotions and i don't do crying!!

We are not even out of the first week and i am already well and truly on the rollercoaster ride of Xmas. Daddy is the worst person ever for being so oblivious to anything more than his work needs so he is main target... Public enemy number one!!! Although he does bring me food when senses the temperature drop and my mood becomes slightly more irrational than necessary ( I get hangry)  so slight reprieve ....i suppose

Yesterday we had a lovely Santa experience, amazing Christmas dinner and visit with a very authentic Santa, so felt very chilled and xmassy,......but now i am stressing over the week ahead of finishing presents for delivery/ collection, work prep for xmas events and two over excited kids and finding a bloody present for daddy who wants for nothing...

And so it will go on, amazing highs of joy and excitement followed by despair and desperation to keep up. No wonder its so exhausting!!!

Oh and if i have to watch Christmas Cailou once more i definitely will not be sharing in the xmas spirit i will be bloody drinking the whole bottle of it!!!!!