Friday 13 January 2017

10 Reasons i am #RockingMotherhood

Thank you to to the lovely Hannah at The Amphletts for the Tag in #RockingMotherhood, Motherhood is a challenge, something that does not always come naturally or sometimes brings out the most overwhelming emotions you never thought you could feel, such overwhelming Love for such a small, tiny person, such overwhelming exhaustion, such overwhelming anxiety, nobody said it would be easy but i think we need to appreciate the damn good job we are doing.


10 reasons I think I rock at Motherhoood

1. I try to let the kids grow at their own pace, I don't want them to be forced into things, I do not want to be a pushy Mum, I think over the years we have done well to identify the right time at development milestones such as potty training, weaning, I really do believe mummy knows best so go with your instincts.

2. I try to make sure the kids get adventures, and explore the world we live in, there will be plenty of years for the Xbox when teenagers descend upon us, We are blessed to live in a beautiful place with breathtaking scenery and access to mountains and beach, we need to use it and teach the children how privileged they are to live in such an amazing place

3. I set boundaries, I think it is important the kids have boundaries and learn to respect them, they have 'rules' they are expected to stick to, be nice, help each other, speak nicely, meals are eaten at the table, be respectful to others, tell the truth, realistically they push boundaries, they are kids they are going to do kids things, but ultimately they know how far to go and hopefully this will help them to grow into respectful, well adjusted adults.

4. I try to bring healthy habits into every day life, they get healthy options for packed lunch and have always been good for fruit and veg since weaning so luckily not a battle, we try to get them outdoors doing things, but allow balance, treat night with movie and munchies, The eldest is becoming aware of healthy eating through school, and i worry he over thinks it as often questions if should eat less, eat different, really important they learn balance. 

5. I try to make 'me time' i think it is important to do lunch with the girls, have a date night, fit in a bit of the things you enjoy, not so easy but always try to find time if can, being happy in yourself and being more than just mummy makes it more enjoyable and those challenges a little less challenging!

6. I have learnt to do it my way and not feel pressured to be the perfect mummy that fits in, if the kids are happy, fed, looked after does it matter how we got to that point?

7. OK so one from Daddy...I have a loud voice that makes the kids listen..hmm is that a #rockingmotherhood quality?

8. We have lots snuggles, we have movie nights in bed, I love to have snuggles and want the kids to remember and feel comfortable with affection, we have days when we sit in bed and watch movies until lunch, chores cam wait, moments like that will not

9. I let the kids take risk, they will not learn from being wrapped in cotton wool, they need to learn what is dangerous and what they can do, obviously i do not mean i allow them to be put in any kind of harm or danger but they need to climb, jump, explore, start on the road to independence (while always keeping a watchful eye from two steps behind)

10. I have a supportive and although i do not say it often, good man, he looks after me so i can look after our babies, we disagree...alot, we argue...alot, but we want the very best for our kids and that is what we make our priority

There is my list so over to you now guys xxx

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