Saturday 7 January 2017

Finding Local services through Bidvine - review

As a busy working mum it is often difficult to find time to source and organise services or trade we need, the world of social media helps where you can put s status out looking for a service, but it is not always possible to find what you want discreetly, and get fair quotes, and you also run the risk of publicly upsetting someone by choosing someone else over them, especially if they are on your friends list.

That is why I agreed to try out Bidvine, you can enter what service it is you are wanting, you enter your postcode and away you go, you are then prompted to answer a few multiple choice questions to pinpoint your exact requirements and then Bidvine will do the searching for you, and find trusted local services for you....simple, the process is so easy it does not take a computer whiz to work out the forms or what to do, no long drawn out process, a really straightforward service. What I also like is that although you register with an email address you do not have to give a phone number (it is an option if you want services to contact you by phone), this is something I am always wary of doing and will often stop and leave a site that makes it a 'required field' to give out your phone number. 

Are you looking for a cleaning professional

Once the searches have been made you are able to access quotes and view bids local services have sent you, they include details of their service, how it relates to your specific needs and to allow you to choose and follow up what suits your needs best through easy to use options such as call, reply, or go straight to hire this person. For me this is a real hassle free way of finding a local service, and one I will use more of in the future. At the end of the day running a household is stressful enough, so any service to make life easier gets the thumbs up from me especially when you are getting the most competitive quotes by using Bidvine

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