Friday 6 January 2017

Parenting advice and parenting top tips by mums

Parenting advice really can be a double edged sword, the information we are given by health professionals is at times very far from the reality of what you are experiencing especially with added hormones thrown into the mix, the well meaning relatives and friends all have their ideas of what will 'fix' your problems too. Then there are our parenting pet hates we love to share that make you feel guilty if you do that thing that pisses someone off.
So i have rounded up some mummy bloggers for their best tips, advice they were given or would give to a new mum or things they wish they knew.

There is light at the end of the tunnel

My number one tip would be create a bedtime routine as soon as you can see a routine in sleep patterns emerging, around three months with mine, i have never had major sleep issues, although they try to push boundaries now and we have the usual post teat time battles and fights and million questions at bedtime that make it quite frustrating but not refusal to sleep and once they are asleep they do usually stay there until morning.

First up is the lovely Hannah from theamphletts
-For the first time mummies, find the courage & confidence to leave the house & try local baby groups - a great place to meet friends & get support, knowing your not alone in the hurdles and sleepless nights does really help.

Kate from
- It is probably a phase and so it shall pass, and sleep breeds sleep
I remember taking comfort from knowing this with number two, having experiencing different phases with number one, knowing it will pass does make it easier.

Lisa from
-Have confidence in yourself, it is a really steep learning curve and nobody knows your baby better than you...and....after three babies..make it up as you go along there really is no right or wrong as every baby is different.

Emily from
-Don't get stressed over visitors, it is ok to say no and give yourself a week or two to adjust before accepting people around, do not feel obliged to let people visit, its your baby and house so everyone can wait until you are ready.

Jennifer from
-Trust your instinct and feel confident enough to ask for help if needed, but nod and smile and then ignore all the advice you didn't ask for, you know your child.

Katie from
-simply - Choose your battles
A very well learnt lesson for all of us i think, parenting is hard enough without fighting battles you cannot win

Mo from
- 'they grow so quick' how true. Cherish the moments.
and, read and learn from your child instead of books on other people's children, "words cannot describe the freedom I've known with this"

Beth from
- It is ok not to enjoy every minute, but try and breathe in your babies smell look into your babies eyes and say i love you every so often.
So true, we all feel pressure to be happy and overwhelmed with maternal instincts and love, sometimes no it is not enjoyable but that never takes away the love you have.

Clare from www,
-There is no such thing as spoiling a baby, if they are clingy and want cuddles go with it, while it may get frustrating at times it will not last forever.

Sarah from
-If you feel you are losing it or child will not stop whining take 5 minutes, step outside the room and breathe.

Laura from
-If you have a toddler and it goes quiet it is safe to say mischief is occurring
This is so true..the dreaded silence

Kirsty from
- Every baby is different, what works for one will not always work for another, so do not stress yourself over what isn't working and find the thing that will

Nicole from
- It is my job to provide them with food not to make them eat it

Helen from
-I once read it takes three days to break a habit so i try to remember this if your trying to sleep train, take dummy away etc etc stick with it and hopefully after three days you will have cracked it.

Natasha from
- Your main job as a parent is to arm your child with enough skills that they no longer need you, i have found this to be true....also always put the sudocrem pot out of reach
Yep i second that one

Care from
- Local stay and play group have been a lifesaver, gives the child a routine and gets them socialising with other children, and  also means you can manage to have a hot cup of coffee, quite a rarity for most mums!!

Louise from
- Don't listen to anyone else, trust your gut instincts

Kelly from
- Mother knows best - i honestly believe a mother's instinct is best, if you feel you are doing the right thing for your baby then ignore the negative comments you may get.

Karen from
- Don't beat yourself up all the time, you are doing a great job and must remember that
I love this, we do so love to beat ourselves up for the what if and maybe's, we do the best we can and that is an amazing achievement

and final word from Emma from
- best advice - stop listening to other people's advice!! basically stop listening to other people's opinions on just about everything when it comes to parenting.

So there we have it, thank you Ladies i think we got some good advice in there for anyone looking, the most popular being - you know your baby, let your maternal instincts guide you, what works for one may not work for you, it doesn't make you wrong or different just that YOUR baby has different needs...