Monday 9 January 2017

Renovations and Home Improvements part 2

Once started home improvements seem to never end, there is always something else that needs doing and of course that newly decorated or renovated space looks all shiny and new and just shows up the rest of the house, what have we started. It becomes like a full time job in itself to get the work planned how you want it to be, source the supplies and d├ęcor you want, organise who you need to hire, contact the right workmen and getting them there at the right time, well that’s a whole different post in itself. 

After the completion of turning the cellar into a playroom we had the huge task of finishing off installing the central heating and putting the house back together, wow I had not realised how much was needing to be moved and nearly all the flooring needed lifting to lay the pipes.

Luckily the children and I were able to stay with family at the time and allow the workmen to get on with the job without making the house habitable for the kids and I to return to at the end of the day, although I must say I was impressed by how tidy they worked and how respectful of our home they were.

Anyway this led to the perfect opportunity to consider laying some cheap solid oak flooring throughout to replace the worn and probably past their best carpets I had fitted before the eldest was born, as you can imagine two young children certainly takes its toll on the home and furnishings, sticky foods, spilled drinks, baby sick  and other 'accidents'. Wooden flooring seemed like the perfect option as it will be hard wearing, easy to maintain and keep clean and looks amazing when laid. There are some really beautiful finishes to choose from, so not an easy task to decide.

We still are a long way off being finished in the house, the next project is going to be replacing the bathroom which I fear is going to involve replacing more than just the bathroom suite judging by the ancient pipework in there, decisions decisions though, do we go for a large walk in shower or shower over bath, I can live without a bath but not sure the kids are ready to give up their bath toys yet. We wanted to find the perfect flooring for here so we thought our best option was shopping in the engineered oak flooring sale for something a little more bathroom and child friendly and appropriate to a young family that inevitably will create a lot of water spills ans mess in the bathroom. Such decisions and so much choice it really is not easy this home improvement lark.

Although it is stressful and often seems a never ending task it will be worth it and I hope one day our little home will be finished and we can sit back and enjoy our hard work......Quite possibly when the kids are ready to leave home!!!