Wednesday 25 January 2017

Review and giveaway - Toddlebike 2

A few weeks ago i was given the chance to review and giveaway one of these Toddle bikes 2, as i work in a childcare setting it was the ideal place to test it out and we had so much fun. We have children from the age of 2 so this was an ideal review product for us, it is an ideal size and easy to get on and off for all children that are confidently mobile, the children were able to use this independently within minutes of being introduced to it.

The kids absolutely loved it, it was lightweight and easy to steer helping the children learn to control and avoid obstacles, they could whizz round even in the smallest of places. The only problem being they all wanted to have a go at the same time!! It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and is completely weatherproof so offers plenty of opportunity for practicing and development of motor skills and physical development. In the past we have had balance bikes but they have been very difficult for the younger ones to master as they are not able to 'balance', these little bikes are a perfect transition into bigger balance or normal bikes, but are less baby like than the usual ride on bikes you see around so feel 'grown up'. The bikes are safe and are made of high quality material, made from sturdy plastic, making them truly 'toddlerproof'. If you were out and about they are light enough to carry (we all know the story, beg to take scooter out then two minutes down the road they can't possibly go any further so mum ends up carrying it!) but really i can't see the kids getting off one of these.

Toddle bike 2 is a unique pre-balance bike which is suitable for toddlers as soon as they can confidently walk. It is widely accepted by cyclists and the cycling media s being the best first step towards independent riding. It is super lightweight at just 0.8kg, that is 3 times lighter than most balance bikes, scooters or ride-ons. A real hit with our toddlers.

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