Thursday 26 January 2017

Write Size pencil review

Does your child struggle with his/ her writing? Do you want to give your child the best start in developing writing skills?

If so take a look at these write size pencils, they come in three different sizes for different age ranges. Write size pencils have been perfectly manufactured for little hands so make holding the pencil and writing much more comfortable. The width and length make them easier to hold, stopping oscillation and therefore the skill of writing is developed quicker and easier.They have great durability as are made from high quality graphite so reduces breakage and need for sharpening as often. The ergonomic grip promotes soft grip and less pressure resulting in prolonged lifespan. The size and shape make it easier to hold and reduces pressure on little hands. As they are scaled for children's hands they make development of writing skills faster and easier, making learning to write quicker. These pencils were featured on hit show 'dragons den'

I have received some samples of these to try with my little ones 4&7 which meant we were able to try two different sizes out. My eldest has never been one for writing and it is something we have discussed with his teachers as he really needs to develop his handwriting. So this was the perfect opportunity to give him something to help mummy test.

It helped he was eager to help but i think he certainly seemed more comfortable and found it easier to write with them, he sat for longer than usually i am able to encourage him too and on checking his work it looked tidier than any i had seen previously so a real bonus, he even asked if he could take them with him to use in school so must of been a hit, i am happy he has found something that will hopefully now help him improve his writing skills and make it easier for him to put pencil to paper. The youngest is a huge lover of writing and drawing so needed no persuading, she took to the pencils straight away and sat for a long time so i think these will really help her develop her already blossoming writing ability. 

The Write size pencils come in different sizes according to age so 2-6 for the littlies to get them used to holding and gripping a pencil, an important development stage, 6-10 for learners which is an important time to develop skills and establish good handwriting and gain confidence in their writing, and 10+ for more established hand writers to develop further and improve and perform better in exams as writing is more legible and therefore helping deliver good grades.

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