Tuesday 17 January 2017

Review Chana Chaat - On-the-go Healthy Cuisine from Gourmosa

On-the-go Healthy Cuisine from Gourmosa

Authentic Handcrafted Flavours from the Subcontinent with a Twist
Pioneering healthy Indian food brand Gourmosa have launched their nutritious Chaat pots and on-trend vegetable Halwa desserts full of wholesome superfoods and traditional spice blends. 
Gourmosa’s ethos is to create nourishing, naturally good food without compromising on taste. With innovative natural ingredients and methods, they’ve turned Indian food on its head starting with their supremely satisfying Chana Chaat grab-and-go-pots.

Chaat Pots
Chock full of over 18g of protein, these lunch or snack pots contain perfectly balanced flavours, healthy fats and authentic spices. It’s out with the ghee and in with the superfoods! Expect chickpeas, lentils and pomegranate, which all make their appearance across the range.
Chana Chaat: 
Delicious Chickpeas, Lentils and Pomegranate fused with authentic spices, delivering a touch of luxury while giving you a super-powered protein hit.
Three Bean Chaat
This superfood pot packs a punch! Nourishing Kidney Beans, Butter Beans, Edamame Beans and Quinoa fused with authentic spices, delivering a touch of luxury while giving you a super-powered protein hit. 
Vegetable Halwas
Slow cooked to perfection as tradition dictates, this vegetable dessert comes in carrot or beetroot flavours. Drawing on history for their recipe of aromatic blend of spices, and with up to 50% less sugars and bad fats, these desserts can be enjoyed guilt-free. 
Carrot and Beetroot Halwa:
Discover Halwa. Our Carrot or Beetroot Halwas are cooked slowly to perfection like tradition demands, but we've stepped up the game by adding flavoursome ingredients, whilst scaling down on sugars and bad fats. It's guilt free! Reduced sugar & fat, Enjoy colds or heat to eat, Just 1 1/2 minutes, Suitable for vegetarians
Samosas - frozen & chilled
You can enjoy their fresh and exciting flavours whenever you want, without feeling guilty. They’re the samosa snack that are actually good for you; with 50% less fat than the fried version. It doesn’t get better than that. 
Available Flavours:
  • Chicken Tikka - A mouth-watering combination of Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa fused with exotic spices. 
  • Spicy Beef - A delicious combination of Beef, Chickpeas and Kale fused with exotic spices. 
  • Masala Paneer - A flavoursome combination of Paneer, Kidney Beans and Moong Lentils fused with exotic spices. 

* Samosas are available both frozen and chilled. Packed individually, as well as in packs of 10 & 4.
Samosa Leaves
Find your inner creative cook with Gourmosa’s Original Samosa Leaves. Throw together your favourite fillings, and wrap them in a delicate layer of samosa pastry. Whether you’re hosting a party, prepping meals for the week, or craving a midnight snack, these will fulfil your needs.

Gourmosa is an innovative brand using techniques passed down through generations, but modernised using gourmet ingredients.  With Gourmosa, Indian cuisine doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure – enjoy their traditional delicious healthy food and satisfy your taste buds. 

Available in Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Tesco and Asda, Gourmosa are leading the way as the go-to healthy alternative to the Indian food we all know and love.
We were sent the Chana Chaat pots to sample and review, being lovers of indian food we wondered how they would taste as often prepacked ready foods are far from what you order at the restaurant, as a big meat eater i was very pleasantly surprised with the consistency and taste of the pots, the spices, pomegranate and citrus flavours worked well together and gave good flavour without too much spice or heat. The chickpeas and lentils added substance to the pot that meant the pot was filling and a great energy boost. Really impressed and would definitely try other products from this range for the quality and taste found in these pots.